Matt Roe cracks me up (Photowalk of USS Hornet now up)

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A few weeks back we toured the USS Hornet, a famous aircraft carrier that’s docked over in Alameda near San Francisco. Rocky put together a neat little video of the photowalk. But even if you don’t get much out of our photowalks you should check out the first minute or two. Matt Roe has the best answer to my usual “who are you?” question that I’ve heard so far.

Next Photowalking? With Trevor Carpenter on October 9th at the Marin Headlands (above the Golden Gate Bridge on the North side).

Now that I have basically the same equipment that Thomas Hawk has I’m even more in awe of his abilities to see things. Check out his photos on Zooomr (he just uploaded a bunch from yesterday’s Stanford photowalk — see how much better his images are than mine? Damn!) He just plain comes away with not only better images but MORE of them in a certain period of time.

That said, I’m really happy a lot more people are coming along on our Photowalks lately because you get to see the different approaches that people take to the same subject and you get to see images you missed that would be good to go back for later.

One thing that’s cool about the Photowalks is you get to see something you might not be able to visit and you also get to learn a little bit about history (the Hornet picked up the Apollo crew and was the site of the first steps that they took after visiting the moon). Thomas also shows us a few tricks including how to make a “poor man’s macro” and talks about his new Drobo drive system.


Oh, and Matt Roe? He cut school to go on one of our Photowalks. After seeing his images on Flickr (his newer ones are on Zooomr) I can understand why. That kid has a lot of talent.

UPDATED: Thomas Hawk posted more about this Photowalk on his blog this morning.

An ode to great photographers

Thank you to the photographers who taught me to capture the main event.

If I believed in God, this is why I would

Thank you to the photographers who taught me to look for the details.

Sentry on the sunset

Thank you to the photographers who taught me to look down.

Social graph

Thank you to the photographers who taught me to look for juxtapositions.

Moon and light=moonlight

Thank you to the photographers who taught me to look for love.


Thank you to the photographers who taught me to get down on my belly and get into the mud.

The last photons this grass will see today

Thank you to Flickr for making such a killer community of people who help inspire other photographers. Thank you to Canon for making a tool that is amazing.

Hope you are having a glorious evening, just like this one. All these shots were made tonight with a Canon 5D on my evening walk.

Don’t miss our next photowalking with the National Geographic at Stanford University where you’ll learn some of these lessons yourself. You’re invited! Tom Seligman (Director of the Cantor Art Museum) has confirmed his participation in the photowalk.
Marc Levoy will be there, too. He is a CS/EE professor who has been doing some amazing work in the areas of photography and imaging.

Wonderful rules for Photowalking…

First photowalking picture framed

Thomas Hawk lays it out. This is a great guide not just for photowalking but for joining any new community. That reminds me, I need to hand out some “favorites” for other people’s photos.

Oh, and save October 1st at 4 p.m. on your schedule. Stanford University has put together a hell of a great photowalking. Be there, or be square. More details coming soon.

That photo was taken on our first Photowalking together more than a year ago now. How fast time flies!

Photos from past week

Check out Maryam’s melons! Goofing around at Seattle’s market.
Michael Arrington and crowd sitting at Search Champs.
Gary Flake of MSN announcing Live Labs and giving his great talk.
Dave Luebbert with SongTrellis that I wrote about yesterday.
Walt Morrison, co-author of the very popular Kids Programming Language (this is a cool way to get kids into programming, downloaded 40,000 times since the last time I talked about it).
Crazy huge chess game at Crossroads mall.

I love shooting pictures with my camera phone cause they go instantly to Flickr. I shoot things that catch my eye or that I want to remember later. Not very arty cause the camera in my phone is slightly blurry, but I see a few people are watching the feed. Hope you enjoy.