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I like this new podcasting API from BlogTalkRadio

Since my phone number is already public, I’m looking forward to using the new BlogTalk Radio Podcast API that Dave Winer discussed yesterday.

Holy donuts is this cool. Here’s my feed: feed:// — I called the magic number and it automatically recorded a podcast from my phone and put it on this feed. No work, no muss. Really easy way to record a podcast and have it waiting for you when you get home.

Book tour part #468

I didn’t realize just how much work publishing a book caused AFTER publishing the book. Shel and I have been on dozens of radio stations, most of which are during drive time on the East Coast which means waking up at 4 a.m.

And then there’s the interviews. Ahh, the interviews! I thought this was glamorous, but it’s hard work to say something new and interesting. Here’s the latest in One Degree. The neat thing about doing so many is that I can experience a variety of interviewing styles and see which ones I like. The ones I like I subscribe to to watch other interviewees on. Ken Schafer’s One Degree is one of those.

On Thursday, Eric Schwartzman interviewed Shel Israel and me for his podcast. Do you know who listens to Eric’s podcast? Some of the top CEOs in the valley. He was an interesting guy to talk with, both on and off of the microphone. In his past life he was a director of promotions for quite a few big Hollywood events. I liked his style and am listening to many of his other podcasts now. Good stuff.

I wish I had more time to listen to more podcasts. There’s so much good stuff out there.

Another podcast network: Podcaster News

I was just talking with Todd Cochrane, founder of Podcaster News and he was showing me around. Cool, more podcasts to listen to. His favorites are the ones on health (he was suprised by the traffic they received) and the Entertainment show. But, the reason we were talking is he was showing me his software that runs the network and he showed me how it’s easily reskinnable and usable for other podcast networks (he’s licensing the software). Smart guy! After all, when there’s a gold rush, who’ll make more money? The guy who tries to dig the gold out of the ground? Or the guy who sells the miner a shovel?

Oh, why do I like his network? No show is longer than six minutes.

3 a.m. at the Podcast Hotel

What a night. Still recovering from it. The Podcast Hotel was really hopping until 3 a.m. There were podcasters all over the place, but the music was awesome. Far better than I expected. Samantha Murphy played us a little private concert and gave us a world premiere of one of her new songs (here’s a blurry Flickr photo of her giving her performance that shows the energy she puts into her music). Her latest album is named “Somewhere between starving & stardom.” I asked her where she lives and she said she stays on the road 100% of the time going between gigs. Her fans loan her cars and give her money. She’s going to Nashville next month. Here’s hoping she finds that elusive break.

She has a blog and free music to listen to. You should give her a try.

When I was there I asked a few people “what’s the best blog/podcast about the indie music scene?” All the fingers pointed to C.C. Chapman’s efforts. Subscribed!

Why are small conferences so fun? How often can you get this close to a talented musician while she tests out her new songs on you?

I have a feeling the next Podcast Hotel will be a weee bit bigger.

Podcast Hotel reports

Eric Rice told me that the Podcast Hotel, a podcasting conference and music festival being held here in Seattle through tonight, was a great conference. Maryam and I are very sorry we didn’t get over there. This was the first weekend we were home alone in quite a while and took the day off. We’re gonna go there right now, though, and check out the music.

In the meantime, more than 700 photos have been uploaded and there’s lots of reports on Technorati. Just search for “Podcast Hotel.”

Thanks to Alex Williams for getting such raves!