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Podcasting with BlogTalkRadio

I record Shannon Clark for a podcast

I love the new BlogTalkRadio. Why? I just call a phone number, +1-646-200-0000, (you can call it too). I record a conversation with my cell phone, and then it builds an RSS feed that points to MP3′s of my conversation. What’s the URL? It is my cell phone’s phone number. No need to sign up. No need to give personal details, or even agree to anything.

This way I can make a podcast whenever I want. Utterz does something similar, but you gotta setup Utterz before you make your phone call. I like frictionless publishing and no signup before you start makes a lot of sense to me.

This came out of an idea that Dave Winer and I had, great way to build an RSS feed.

Here’s some things I recorded the other night.

Shannon Clark

Shannon Clark is an entrepreneur and a geek and all that and he wrote an interesting blog post explaining what kinds of things he’d like to see added to the OpenSocial API.

In our five-minute audio conversation, we talk about that blog post and what else we’d like to see in OpenSocial and Facebook and what kind of standards we’d like to see surrounding our privacy, too.

Sanford Dickert

Sanford Dickert is a blogger and entrepreneur who lives in New York. In our 1:42 minute conversation he tells me about, a service that adds a layer on top of other social networks, he says that this service is awesome.

Thanks to BlogTalkRadio for making this happen.

Photo credit: Sanford Dickert took the photos of me and Shannon Clark.

Naked Conversations 2.0: How Google is disrupting the social media starfish

When Shel Israel co-authored Naked Conversations with me we interviewed about 180 companies about how they were using blogs and how that usage was changing their business.

Today I’m watching companies and political candidates and seeing a new trend that I’ve written up as the “Social Media Starfish.” I just did two videos, one that defined the social media starfish and all of its “legs” and another that explains how Google is going to disrupt many pieces of that starfish tomorrow with its Open Social announcement tomorrow.

Some things in text. What are the legs of the social media starfish?

1. Blogs.
2. Photos. Flickr. Smugmug. Zooomr. Photobucket. Facebook. Et al.
3. Videos. YouTube. Kyte. Seesmic. Facebook. Blip. DivX. Etc.
4. Personal social networks. Facebook. BluePulse. MySpace. Hi5. Plaxo. LinkedIn. Bebo. Etc.
5. Events (face to face kind). Upcoming. Eventful. Zvents. Facebook. Meetup. Etc.
6. Email. Integration through Bacn.
7. White label social networks. Ning. Broadband Mechanics. Etc.
8. Wikis. Twiki. Wetpaint. PBWiki. Atlassian. SocialText. Etc.
9. Audio. Podcasting networks. BlogTalkRadio. Utterz. Twittergram. Etc.
10. Microblogs. Twitter. Pownce. Jaiku. Utterz. Tumblr. FriendFeed. Etc.
11. SMS. Services that let organizations build SMS into their social media starfishes. John Edwards is one example.
12. Collaborative tools. Zoho. Zimbra. Google’s docs and spreadsheets. Etc.

It’ll be interesting to see how deeply Google will disrupt the Social Media Starfish tomorrow.

What do you think?

Here’s the two videos:

Part I of Naked Conversations 2.0: defining the social media starfish. 22 minutes.
Part II of Naked Conversations 2.0: how Google will disrupt the social media starfish tomorrow. 18 minutes.

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3 a.m. at the Podcast Hotel

What a night. Still recovering from it. The Podcast Hotel was really hopping until 3 a.m. There were podcasters all over the place, but the music was awesome. Far better than I expected. Samantha Murphy played us a little private concert and gave us a world premiere of one of her new songs (here’s a blurry Flickr photo of her giving her performance that shows the energy she puts into her music). Her latest album is named “Somewhere between starving & stardom.” I asked her where she lives and she said she stays on the road 100% of the time going between gigs. Her fans loan her cars and give her money. She’s going to Nashville next month. Here’s hoping she finds that elusive break.

She has a blog and free music to listen to. You should give her a try.

When I was there I asked a few people “what’s the best blog/podcast about the indie music scene?” All the fingers pointed to C.C. Chapman’s efforts. Subscribed!

Why are small conferences so fun? How often can you get this close to a talented musician while she tests out her new songs on you?

I have a feeling the next Podcast Hotel will be a weee bit bigger.

Podcast Hotel reports

Eric Rice told me that the Podcast Hotel, a podcasting conference and music festival being held here in Seattle through tonight, was a great conference. Maryam and I are very sorry we didn’t get over there. This was the first weekend we were home alone in quite a while and took the day off. We’re gonna go there right now, though, and check out the music.

In the meantime, more than 700 photos have been uploaded and there’s lots of reports on Technorati. Just search for “Podcast Hotel.”

Thanks to Alex Williams for getting such raves!

On the radioooooo

What an honor to be on the radio with Christopher Lydon on NPR/KUOW yesterday (he is the first official podcaster, although our book got that detail wrong). We were talking about “what makes a city great.” I’m a transplant into Seattle and it was interesting to spend a few minutes thinking about what makes a great city. Yesterday I was on KOMO radio too, with Joe Trippi. I’ll also be on John Moe’s business and technology show next Tuesday night.

Funny thing, when I got to the KUOW studios someone in the audience (I didn’t get her name) told me “hey, I saw you on Rocketboom today.” That was freaky. The studios are nice there, right above Tower Records. Well, enough of the old-school media.