Pop!Tech next week: don't miss it

I’m talking with Andrew Zolli. He is the currator of the highly-regarded Pop!Tech conference, coming up next week.

Some things they are just announcing:

1. Pop!Casts. Really cool little video snippets. Includes “embedded ability to create open source subtitles in 100 languages.” You can subtitle as much as you like of a particular video. There are already eight videos translated to eight languages. “The data behind it is even more interesting than this.” I’m playing with this right now and it’s f***ing awesome. You can switch back and forth between english and a bunch of other languages. It compiles a new video when you add a new language. Unbelieveable. Done by Dotsub.com, which has other videos. Why YouTube doesn’t do this? Here’s the English versions of the eight videos (play them and in the player you can switch back and forth between the other languages). Zolli says this
2. Pop!Tech carbon offset initiative. Last year they invested an amount to offset the amount of carbon dioxide generated by the attendees in attending PopTech — that turned into a project with (solar electric light fund self.org) where they are replacing diesel generators with solar generators. This year with eBay they are coming up with a new Web site (exclusively announced here) http://www.ebay.com/poptech where they picked three projects that are doing social development work in several communities in the 2/3rds world (Brazil, Nicaragua, and Africa). They used to call that the “developing world” but now we call that the majority world or the 2/3rds world.
3. National Geographic Photo Camp: they are outfitting several kids from poor countries with cameras and they’ll capture the event and share their photos (they also are paying for National Geographic photographers to teach several of these kids how to be professional photographers in their communities).
4. Mobile empowerment is a big theme. Nokia will show off Mosh. Peer-to-peer sharing platform. Subscribe to packages of content that are peer produced on your device. Pop!Tech is doing a bunch of talks and the participants will interview each other using mobile devices, etc.
5. All on stage content will be shared live at poptech.org/live and will start at 9 a.m. Eastern Time on Wednesday. Unlike other events of this caliber (TED and Davos) they broadcast all their content live to the world, which really is great.

Thanks to Seagate for giving all speakers a free hard drive. The speakers at this event aren’t paid, so that really is great. Thanks to Buzz Bruggeman who arranged this interview. I’ll do a separate interview with Andrew after the conference is over.

I wish I were going.