News: Qik videos coming to YouTube

I should just call Mike Arrington at TechCrunch and let him post this one (I want to focus on innovative people, not so much on news), but what the heck. Qik’s engineers just told me that they turned on their YouTube integration.

I’ll test this out tonight at the Flickr party and let you know how well it works. Well, actually, you’ll be able to see the results! They will show up on YouTube here.

Some notes from the engineers:

– YouTube is slow at processing uploads (I’m sure you’re aware…)
– this is using a newly-available format for Qik videos: .3gp files. I wonder what other device might be able to play these .3gp files….
– the quality of the upload is dependent on the quality of the source; a 640*480 Qik file will be sent to YouTube at that resolution (although it will be transcoded down by them). Given the way YouTube handles video quality, I’d try to produce videos at a higher than usual quality setting in order to get good YouTube quality out of it.
– there’s a 10-minute limit on video length. longer ones won’t go.

Looks like it might not be completely ready for everyone to test yet. I’ll bring you more on this as it happens.

"Innovation guru" John Kao on my cell phone

Wow, what an afternoon. First I did a very quick, or is that “Qik” interview of David Marcus, founder of Zong, which is a mobile content delivery platform, which was announced today. Then we went went over to John Kao’s office, where we had a long interview, that’ll run Monday as part of our launch of, but here’s a little taste, thanks to my cell phone. He taught business at Harvard for 14 years, is a professional-grade musician, among many other things which you’ll discover in our “professional grade” interview that we did with our brand new hi-def camcorders (we’ll talk more about our equipment next week). I wish I was 1/100th the man that John is. Just getting some awesome people onto video. Who’s next?

First look: Qik video streaming from cell phones

I just met up with Bhanu Sharma, director of product management at DVC Labs. He used to work at Macromedia where he was product manager for Breeze, webconferencing service, and entrepreneur in residence working on VoIP. We’re at the Burlingame Apple Store where Patrick is getting a new iPhone cause of his dead battery. That’s very cool for Apple! Good service that exceeds what I expected to have happen.

Anyway, Bhanu recognized me and introduced himself. He’s building software for mobile phones but we can’t talk about that yet cause he’s in stealth mode.

So, he was showing me his E61i Nokia phone and said “check this out.” Clicked on an icon titled “Qik.” Then said “I’m streaming live from my cell phone.” Here’s the video we just did. OK, OK, this freaking rocks. I signed up for the closed preview.

He showed me my video playing on a nearby Mac. LIVE. Then when he turned off the app it kept a recording.

I asked him if TechCrunch or anyone else has written about it yet (it’s run by friends of his). He said he didn’t think so (a quick Google search couldn’t find anything). Said “I think they wanted to keep it quiet.”

Oh well, that’s what happens when you hang out in Apple stores on Saturday night. Hope their servers stay up. Here’s a picture of the three of us talking, as taken by Dave Winer.

I’m definitely going to use this. Thanks Bhanu for telling me about it!

UPDATE: NewTeeVee actually had this last week but didn’t see it live in action like I did tonight.