News: Qik videos coming to YouTube

I should just call Mike Arrington at TechCrunch and let him post this one (I want to focus on innovative people, not so much on news), but what the heck. Qik’s engineers just told me that they turned on their YouTube integration.

I’ll test this out tonight at the Flickr party and let you know how well it works. Well, actually, you’ll be able to see the results! They will show up on YouTube here.

Some notes from the engineers:

– YouTube is slow at processing uploads (I’m sure you’re aware…)
– this is using a newly-available format for Qik videos: .3gp files. I wonder what other device might be able to play these .3gp files….
– the quality of the upload is dependent on the quality of the source; a 640*480 Qik file will be sent to YouTube at that resolution (although it will be transcoded down by them). Given the way YouTube handles video quality, I’d try to produce videos at a higher than usual quality setting in order to get good YouTube quality out of it.
– there’s a 10-minute limit on video length. longer ones won’t go.

Looks like it might not be completely ready for everyone to test yet. I’ll bring you more on this as it happens.