41 years of inexperience

Thanks to Michael Coates for wishing me happy birthday. I started out in this crazy world 41 years ago. Hey, I’m not even as old as the mouse!

What am I gonna do to celebrate? Start the day with breakfast with Greg Hughes. Funny that we’re in Pittsburgh at the same time (he’s my brother’s new boss). Hang out with law students — Professor Michael Madison invited me to speak to his class at the University of Pittsburgh.

Later in the evening I’ll be hanging out with Pittsburgh’s bloggers. Should be a fun day!

Why the headline? Cause I try to have a new experience every day. This is my first time in Pittsburgh, for instance.

So far my experiences have been great. Free wifi in the Pittsburgh airport. Free wifi in the Omni Hotel. And, lots of easily findable power outlets. Many hotels hide the outlets behind things, not here. Hey, I’m a geek and easy to please! 😉