ScobleShow heads to London and Paris

We’re taking the ScobleShow on the road, to London and Paris starting December 6th. We’ll be in London December 6-9, then in Paris for the LeWeb3 conference (which is selling fast and furious — it’s amazing that they have more than 1,000 attendees already).

To get things rolling right Hugh Macleod is throwing us a geek dinner in London on the evening of December 7th. Through some weird coincidence, Dave Winer is going to be there too. You’re welcome, but space is very tight, so let us know. I have 10 spots to give away, leave a comment here if you’d like to come. Hosting us will be cool people from the BBC and Microsoft.

We’ll also do a photowalk. Gotta think about when/where to do that. Any ideas?

Finally, if you’re an entrepreneur and you’d like to meet us in London or Paris, please drop me a note as well and we’ll get you onto the schedule.

Oh, and Milan and Maryam are coming too. If we can get Milan’s passport in time.

UPDATE: The photowalk will start at 9:30 p.m. after dinner — we can take unlimited participants in that — see Hugh’s post for more details.

The future of ScobleShow?

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I’ve been thinking a lot about my future, which is one reason I’ve slowed down my posting, Twittering, reading, and all that. The other reason being this cute kid who keeps smiling at me which is a lot more fun than being online.

Anyway, one technology that really impressed me is Mogulus, a company that lets you do your own streaming video show from your bedroom if you want (competes with and, but has a lot more features that serious TV stations will want). Mogulus is the company that streamed the NewTeeVee conference. Right after that conference Mogulus’ CEO, Max Haot, came to my house to show me how they did it. If you’re wanting to see the future of TV, this is it so far and Max goes into depth about the whole process and sets up a TV studio in Patrick’s (my 13-year-old son) bedroom.

Is this the future of ScobleShow? Hmmm, Chris Pirillo better watch out! 🙂

Mike's iPhone

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I was over meeting with the CEO of Atlassian, Mike Cannon-Brookes, today about something else (they have some cool news coming soon) but when I got there Mike was showing off his new iPhone and it had a bunch of icons that aren’t on the “Steve Jobs approved” version. So, I had to start up my Nokia to show you what he’s using. Here’s a good description of how to load apps on your iPhone.Isn’t that ironic? I have to carry two cell phones: one to surf the Web on (the iPhone is a lot better at that than the Nokia), among other things, and one to do video. Hmmm.

Anyway, if you look at the other shows on my channel today you’ll see these videos, all done from my cell phone:

1. My favorite beach.
2. A brief tour of Atlassian’s tech support department where you meet the top architect too.
3. The guy behind
4. A brief video of BluePulse’s CEO, Ben Keighran, who is getting ready to announce some killer mobile phone stuff at CTIA next week). Interesting fact is that their office is in the original YouTube office.

Oh, and coming soon on is the full robotic helicopter video.

My rock star: Rocky

Rocky, the rock star

Rocky Barbanica does a lot more than just edit my videos and get them up. On Saturday night I found out he plays a mean guitar too. He was hosting a party for his wife and got up on stage and played with the band.

This wasn’t shot with my mondo-expensive Canon 5D. Instead I used the Nikon S51C pocket camera. Why? Built in wifi so I can upload photos without any cords.

Rocky’s an interesting guy. Was a software developer for a couple of decades before burning out and going to film school. How he ended up on my doorstep is a post worthy of Valleywag so we won’t go into it here. 🙂

Anyway, I really love what he’s doing with my show (he’s driving the Photowalking series further than I ever could and also is building me shorter versions of some of my longer shows, like the one with the doctor today).

Keep on rockin our world Rocky.

UPDATE: There’s another Photowalking tomorrow night near Golden Gate Bridge.

Seagate ships new "hybrid" drives…

Seagate's memory drive hanging out on table

Congratulations to my sponsor, Seagate, for getting on TechMeme this morning by shipping its first hybrid drive (a drive that has both flash memory inside as well as a hard drive). Seagate is working on a bunch of cool stuff. I got a look recently when Seagate’s CEO, Bill Watkins, had a bunch of us over his house for a press dinner. That drive above is Seagate’s first all-solid-state hard drive. Bill wouldn’t tell me how much memory is inside, but says it’s more than the industry is expecting.

In this video Watkins talks about its moves into the hybrid drive space.

Disclaimer: Seagate is the sole sponsor of my show which means that no one else pays to get onto my show, something I appreciate very much because it lets me have commercial conversations without worrying about where my paycheck is coming from.

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