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My son has an evil sense of humor

Patrick just called me and said “Second Life is addicting.” Turns out he’s been impersonating me all afternoon, I’ve learned. But, why does he have an evil sense of humor? Well, he went shopping for a computer this afternoon, he told me. What did he buy me? A Powerbook. Cost 180 Lindens (whew, a lot cheaper than a real one). $20 US will buy you about 5,000 Lindens.


That’ll teach me for not changing my password.

But, since I own the most evil and biggest software company in Second Life, I guess I can’t really punish him. I’ll just expense it as research and development. :-)

First day in Second Life

Patrick is helping me explore Second Life. “Dude, someone made a Mario land,” he just told me.

I don’t know how to explain Second Life. It’s brilliant, though. The business model just blows me away. Get people to build a virtual world and charge them for it. Even better, we love it!

Right now it’s all exploration. Eric Rice was my tour guide. He says “follow me” and I follow. Last night he took me shopping for some new clothes. Then we checked out a music store where musicians put their performances up. And I listened to some weird radio station.

Oh, and by my big evil software company building people left me a bunch of gifts. A Make Magazine. A Channel 9 guy. A welcome poster. And more. Thanks!

Introducing Scobleizer, Inc. in Second Life

Eric Rice and I were drinking together recently and I noted that lots of my friends were getting into Second Life and that I wanted to get started there. He told me he was building a whole empire experience and I tossed out “wouldn’t it be cool to own the biggest, baddest, software company in Second Life?”

He thought that was funny. So he, and Seigmancer Nino, built just that (there are Flickr photos linked from that post). Notice the running lava underneath the building. And the blood in the main lobby’s fountain.

For those of you who have never been to Second Life, it’s a virtual world. You can just come and visit, if you want, or you can sign up to own land, build things, trade with others. It’s an amazing place and very addicting.

I’m Scoble Seattle. Say hi!

Jupiter analysts are podcasting

Michael Gartenberg and other Jupiter Analysts get together to talk about what Web 2.0 means for business. Cool, I’ve had quite a few conversations with Michael and always enjoyed them. Now I can listen to Michael anytime I have some free moments in my car or while walking around.

By the way, I’ll try to get to the Podcast Hotel tonight or tomorrow. I’m hearing from Eric Rice that it’s a lot of fun.

Oh, and WAIT until you see what Eric is building for me in Second Life! I hear it’s evil! And big! Heheh.