First look: Qik video streaming from cell phones

I just met up with Bhanu Sharma, director of product management at DVC Labs. He used to work at Macromedia where he was product manager for Breeze, webconferencing service, and entrepreneur in residence working on VoIP. We’re at the Burlingame Apple Store where Patrick is getting a new iPhone cause of his dead battery. That’s very cool for Apple! Good service that exceeds what I expected to have happen.

Anyway, Bhanu recognized me and introduced himself. He’s building software for mobile phones but we can’t talk about that yet cause he’s in stealth mode.

So, he was showing me his E61i Nokia phone and said “check this out.” Clicked on an icon titled “Qik.” Then said “I’m streaming live from my cell phone.” Here’s the video we just did. OK, OK, this freaking rocks. I signed up for the closed preview.

He showed me my video playing on a nearby Mac. LIVE. Then when he turned off the app it kept a recording.

I asked him if TechCrunch or anyone else has written about it yet (it’s run by friends of his). He said he didn’t think so (a quick Google search couldn’t find anything). Said “I think they wanted to keep it quiet.”

Oh well, that’s what happens when you hang out in Apple stores on Saturday night. Hope their servers stay up. Here’s a picture of the three of us talking, as taken by Dave Winer.

I’m definitely going to use this. Thanks Bhanu for telling me about it!

UPDATE: NewTeeVee actually had this last week but didn’t see it live in action like I did tonight.

The future of ScobleShow?

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I’ve been thinking a lot about my future, which is one reason I’ve slowed down my posting, Twittering, reading, and all that. The other reason being this cute kid who keeps smiling at me which is a lot more fun than being online.

Anyway, one technology that really impressed me is Mogulus, a company that lets you do your own streaming video show from your bedroom if you want (competes with and, but has a lot more features that serious TV stations will want). Mogulus is the company that streamed the NewTeeVee conference. Right after that conference Mogulus’ CEO, Max Haot, came to my house to show me how they did it. If you’re wanting to see the future of TV, this is it so far and Max goes into depth about the whole process and sets up a TV studio in Patrick’s (my 13-year-old son) bedroom.

Is this the future of ScobleShow? Hmmm, Chris Pirillo better watch out! 🙂