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Technorati saves Maryam’s day

Google didn’t help Maryam (my wife). MSN Search didn’t help. What did?


What happened? Maryam desperately wanted to see one of her favorite authors but the show was sold out. She tried all the usual tricks, but finally she found someone with tickets on Technorati.

Along these lines, lots of people have been telling me their skepticism of Edgeio, which is a service that lets you sell things right from your blog. “Sounds like a recipe for spam,” one guy told me today when we were talking at lunch.

But Maryam’s experience is exactly why I’m interested in Edgeio’s potential.

Hey, MSN, when are we gonna get blog search of our own?

New Technorati Favorites

Cool new feature from Technorati: Favorites. Interesting cause there’s another new site called “Top 10 Sources” which Maryam and I will be on tomorrow (Werner Vogels, Amazon’s CTO is there today). I like the Technorati approach better cause anyone can participate. My favorites are here, although I’m about to leave so haven’t had much chance to fill this in properly. Yes, you can click this button to add me to your favorites list:

Add this blog to my Technorati Favorites!

Technorati adds authority weighting

Technorati just turned on a new feature: if you are searching Technorati, for, say “Technology” blogs you get a choice: you can see them all, or you can see the ones that have a lot of “authority” in that space. I didn’t see that feature over the weekend, so I think Dave Sifry and crew just turned that on (look for a slider at the top of the results — click it to change the kind of result you get back). I’m not sure how useful it is, but if you search on a general term like, say, “photography” it does seem to bring back results with less noise. But, maybe you want more noise. Well, it’s up to you now! You’re the gatekeeper! I’ll play more with it later. What do you think?

Update: it sure gets rid of a lot of noise on my ego search. Oh, my ego feels good now! :-)