Dopplr on ScobleShow

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It’s the business traveler service that Joi Ito (head of creative commons) and Jimmy Wales (founder of Wikipedia) love and here I have Dopplr‘s CEO and CTO on the ScobleShow.

The CEO interview is dark. I interviewed her in the back of a BMW being driven through Paris at 7 a.m. in the morning. Imagine getting THAT on mainstream TV!

The geek interview (includes demo).
The executive interview.

The geek I interviewed is Matt Biddulph and his blog (which also made it into the video) is here.

Both filmed last week at the LeWeb3 conference in Paris.

UPDATE: I’m now keeping my Dopplr account up to date here.

Dopplr: cool online service for frequent business travelers

Tons of people I respect have been telling me to get on Dopplr for a long time. Well, yesterday at the LeWeb3 conference they finally opened the service up to the public, so I got on. I also got a demo and an interview with the CEO and CTO and I can definitely see that this will be a favorite service of mine. Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia founder, says that Dopplr is his favorite non-Wiki Web site, according to the Dopplr blog, which also has tons of other details on the service. More next week when I get my interviews up and have some time to play more with the service.

UPDATE: Web Worker Daily has a good article on other things for travelers.