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I can’t visit a memetracker like Memeorandum or TailRank without seeing something about the Origami project. There’s pictures, on Engadget, and there are videos and other speculations elsewhere.

My own Origamisms started back last Spring when I visited Otto Berkes in his office and saw that he was tinkering with dozens of portable devices. Otto was one of the four guys, I hear, who started the Xbox team, but now was working in building 32, which is where the Tablet PC team was hanging out. He showed me some wood prototypes that excited me. They were small, would open up new usage models (I want to buy one for my son, for instance, to take to school to take notes on) and were fairly low cost.

Anyway, I’m going to keep my mouth shut about the rest of the deal, cause Otto and his team deserves their day in the sun. Let’s get back together on March 2 after the announcement and see what you think.