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SEO contest!

OK, this is brave for someone to do: call me and beg for a link. Usually I don’t like that at all, but the other day Steven Hargrove called me to tell me the other day about an SEO contest, sponsored by They came up with a new term and are seeing who does the best Search Engine Optimization. Want to learn a bit about SEO? Visit the sites and see some of the techniques they use.

One technique? Get bloggers to link to that site with the term: v7ndotcom elursrebmem. That’s Steven’s site that he entered into the contest. When I linked to him he was #4 on the list. We’ll see if that moves him up.

Yes, this makes me an SEO shill. Oh well, he took the time to personally call me, built a relationship with me, and explain this contest to me. Sorry, no more calls on this topic will be listened to. :-)