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Video funding tap wide open

Later today another video streaming company will announce a big funding round — I’ll have news about that later this afternoon after their embargo ends (be watching my streaming channel over on Qik — I’ll put it up there at about 2 p.m. this afternoon and I’ll also get something up on my channel too).

No, I’m not talking about Ustream. They announced yesterday. If you’ve been watching my link blog you’ve seen a lot of others get funding over the past few months.

It’s amazing how much money is flowing. Me? I’m still waiting for the perfect system. Here’s my favorites so far:

1. For mobile. for live streaming. for chat room and overall feature set. I’m looking foward to testing out FlixWagon, which was first talked about today.
2. For community. Seesmic. It is seeing 1,000 videos a day already and it really hasn’t even gotten started.
3. For TV channels. Mogulus. I’ll be using it from CES to broadcast live. Om Malik’s NewTeeVee conference used them too.
4. For audience. YouTube.
5. For internationalization and captioning. DotSub.
6. For interactivity. Asterpix.
7. For video blogging.
8. For decent quality and easy upload. Google Video.

Do you agree with my list? Which ones would you add or remove? watch out

Tonight I was over Rocky’s house and got a message that I could download the new Qik video streaming service to my cell phone. Cool, “let’s try it,” I said to myself.

It only took a minute to download and install.

Now there’s a “qik” icon in my applications folder. Click on it on my Nokia N95. A video window pops up, says “connected” and there’s a button called “stream.” I push that and this is the result. Rocky realizes that it truly is live, albeit with a five-second delay.

Holy s**t. I can stream live video to you now from anywhere at anytime. No longer do I need to wait for Kyte, Seesmic, or other services to upload videos.

I push that button and the live stream turns to a recorded video. Instantly.

Freaking amazing. Wait until I hook this sucker up with Twitter.

Imagine being at a conference, telling people “visit my Qik” and turning this on so they all could watch.

My world has just changed. Thanks Qik! Watch my page for some more videos coming later today.

The quality isn’t the best, but it’s watchable and that’s all we really need considering that video is coming to you over a cell phone connection.

The new, interactive, videosphere

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The stuff from Asterpix is majorly cool for those of us who care about NewTeeVee.

I have two videos that really show off what Asterpix is doing (the demo videos on Asterpix’ site only show about 1/8th of the API that Asterpix has actually built).

The first is of Anoop Bhattacharjya, the developer/CTO behind this new technology who explains how it works and also gives me a demo. The second is of Nat Kausik, CEO, who shows me even more demos of how their APIs could be used.

I imagine we’ll be seeing a LOT more of this technology next year. This is one of the coolest demos I’ve seen this year.

So, what does it do?

Well, you upload your video. Then you can put hyperlinks on the video itself. You draw a square and the technology will make sure that the square stays on top of the item you hyperlinked (Anoop explains how it works). That alone is pretty freaking cool, but they also have an API that can talk to objects sprayed around the video (think of a Coca Cola site where the video could drive content to change on the Web page itself). It also makes it possible to link into specific parts of the video from blogs or other sites.

Coolest video innovation I’ve seen in a while

Asterpix, on Monday, will ship a new system that lets you put interactive links on top of videos. You can see how it works on some demo videos they have up on their site now. I’m going over there this afternoon to get a sneak peak, more later!

The problem with these innovations is that they can’t be mixed with other video innovations, like DotSub’s very useful multi-lingual captions. Plus they can’t be put on live video like those from Ustream or Mogulus. At least that I can see. I’ll ask about if this stuff is possible when I visit Asterpix this afternoon.

Collect your YouTube videos with WorldTV

When Alx Klive, WorldTV‘s CEO, visited me last week I thought his idea for building a video channel was a bit, um, unfinished. After playing with the technology I still think that of the public site it builds (here’s mine, which consists of the videos I just collected into my library) but I LOVE being able to collect videos from YouTube and other sites into a library.

Anyway, in this video we talk about WorldTV and his new company that’s going after a new video aggregation market.

One nice thing about the public channel it creates is that YouTube’s videos now are full screen. Plus it has search feature so you can search a variety of engines like AOL and YouTube from inside your video library. Makes it easier to find new things you’d like to add to your show.

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The future of ScobleShow?

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I’ve been thinking a lot about my future, which is one reason I’ve slowed down my posting, Twittering, reading, and all that. The other reason being this cute kid who keeps smiling at me which is a lot more fun than being online.

Anyway, one technology that really impressed me is Mogulus, a company that lets you do your own streaming video show from your bedroom if you want (competes with and, but has a lot more features that serious TV stations will want). Mogulus is the company that streamed the NewTeeVee conference. Right after that conference Mogulus’ CEO, Max Haot, came to my house to show me how they did it. If you’re wanting to see the future of TV, this is it so far and Max goes into depth about the whole process and sets up a TV studio in Patrick’s (my 13-year-old son) bedroom.

Is this the future of ScobleShow? Hmmm, Chris Pirillo better watch out! :-)