Only Hillel could compare O’Reilly to a Food Site

Interesting traffic analysis of various sites when it comes to links to a cookbook. Just shows that it’s not the quantity of audience that matters — it’s the quality.

“There’s a whole bunch of funny stuff here. The most interesting (I think) is that the food section of a major metropolitan newspaper drove less than half of the downloads of the O’Reilly blog and only a few more than Accidental Hedonist – another seattle based food information source.

Fun evening last night, geek dinner coming Monday night

I think it’s funny all the anti-Web 2.0 stuff that’s been happening around blogs lately. Meanwhile hundreds of people show up to TechCrunch’s BBQ to talk about the future of the Web. I showed up at about 11 p.m. and it was still rocking and rolling and demos were going on. Yeah, there’s a lot of hype. But, I keep seeing stuff I want to use, too. So, is there hype? Yes. But there’s a TON of new ideas coming out of the valley lately.

One other thing? This crowd isn’t using very much Microsoft stuff. More Microsofties would do well to hang out, and figure out, what this group of entrepreneurs needs. I saw some ideas that could turn into very big businesses, if executed well (stuff that hasn’t yet been shown in public).

Anyway, Dave Winer is throwing me a geek dinner on Monday night. Details to come, but it’ll be in Berkeley. You can RSVP here. Of course you’re invited. You don’t even need to be a geek, but it certainly helps.

Memeorandum gets more hype and new feature

TechCrunch has links to a new Wired article that hypes up Memeorandum and a new feature released today too. It deserves the hype. I, too, check it a lot of times per day. But, I do find that I’m falling into the Memeorandum trap: only thinking about stuff that shows up on Memeorandum. That’s one of the reasons I was light on blogging this week. I wanted to get outside of the Memeorandum world and find some new stuff.

Speaking of which, the latest builds of Windows Vista that are showing up are really getting me excited. New features are showing up with every build. This is a fun time to be a Microsoft employee. I just wish I had more time to play. Oh, and there’s a famous guitarist (I don’t know that it’s my place to give his name away) recording the sounds right now that will play on Windows Vista. They invited me over to film, but I have to run to the airport. Damn, damn, damn. Charles is headed over there instead.

Cool new search engine

Wow, check out this search engine: Exalead. Gary Price sent that one over to me. It’s not perfect, but the UI shows that a lot more can be done than the big three have done with search.

For instance, I did a search for HDTV. Now look along the left side. You get related terms, related categories, can view Web sites by location, and get a good look at document types being served up. Neat icons of each result, too.