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Hell to get colder: Slashdot has headline that says “Why Vista won’t suck”

Does this mean the world as we know it is about to end? I just was over on Slashdot (I’m listening to Jeremy Zawodny of Yahoo give his presentation here at Search Engine Strategies and he lost my attention*). Anyway, I almost fell out of my chair when I saw this headline: Why Vista Won’t Suck.

Is Slashdot’s editors feeling OK? How did this headline slip through the system? I’m not sure.

But, the article it points to on Extreme Tech is a pretty in-depth look at Windows Vista.

*Sorry for the lame inside joke. Jeremy’s talk was on attention. I couldn’t pay attention. Heheh.

Penny Arcade wonders why Halo is only on Vista

Penny Arcade’s Tycho┬áis incensed that Halo 2 will only be available on Windows Vista. Thinks it’s just a marketing decision. It might be, but there certainly are some sizeable technical reasons too. At Northern Voice I showed a Channel 9 video that’ll come out soon that shows just how many multimedia improvements have been made in Windows Vista.

In the video the audio team shows that Windows XP’s audio won’t play very well (sometimes not at all) if you start applying stress to CPU’s. On Windows Vista the audio and video continue playing just fine with the same level of stress (on the same hardware). It’s a dramatic example of how much better multimedia will be on Windows Vista.

Surprise: Slashdot misrepresents facts

Quote, off of front page of Slashdot: “While integrated graphics seem to handle Windows XP and 2000 just fine, they won’t be able to handle Vista’s 3D ‘Aero Glass’ compositor, which will prevent roughly half of all PCs from running Microsoft’s new OS.”

What’s the problem?

That’s totally bulls**t.

I use Vista on a machine (a Toshiba Tablet M205) that can’t display Glass and Vista runs just fine, thank you very much!
Geez, what do we have to do to get some accuracy in reporting here?