Doc Searls says Microsoft doesn’t get it

Doc Searls says Microsoft doesn’t get it. This is a very astute post. It’s actually a smaller part of a bigger post that makes the point that companies can’t change their DNA.

Doc calls me a voice in the wilderness. Oh, there are other voices, believe me. MSN this week did something spectacular. They had Raymond Chen (one of the world’s top Windows programmers) spend a day with some of the top bloggers.

Yes, MSN is working on time-based search. Will it be any good? Well, we sure told them how to make it good. And if MSN doesn’t do it, someone else will.

Michael Arrington is telling us all about Sphere. Says it’s blog search done right. I can’t wait to see that!

And, Doc, I’m not the only voice here in the Microsoft Web World. We’re increasingly getting listened to. Watch what happens with, for instance. I can’t tell you what’s coming, but the Microsoft ship is starting to creak and moan again as powerful forces are pushing on our rudders.

Oh, and all it would take to completely remake Microsoft’s image? One acquisition. I hear we have $60 billion in the bank. I don’t want all of it. Just a small percentage. In fact, it’ll cost far less than it cost us to settle with Real to get in this game.