Eric Rice starts new “virtual world/gaming” show for PodTech

The good news for PodTech keeps rolling along. For those of you who don’t know Eric Rice, he’s the one who got me into Second Life (haven’t been back since my son got kicked out, though) but his skillz are extreme (he has built entire islands of cool stuff including a conference center, a city that included my “very large and evil” software company, and islands for corporate clients.

Today he announced that he’s doing a video show, named “Rezzing,” for PodTech. Virtual Worlds and Gaming won’t be the same.

Oh, and someone asked what the business model of PodTech is. I’ll work on a more complete and in-depth post on that with my management, but really it’s the same business model that content businesses around the world have. Build audiences and introduce those audiences to corporate clients. You can call it advertising. A Second Life interactive world. Or sponsorship. Or BlogHausing. Corporate blogging. ScobleShow. Or a number of other things.

Basically we’re just copying everything that Jason Calacanis does (he proved that networks of social media sites, er blogs, podcasts, etc, have value when he sold Weblogsinc to AOL). Oh, wait, he does a podcast for PodTech too.

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