First look at future of work: Yammer and Salesforce Chatter have new competition: Convofy

At Rackspace we’ve been trying to decide between Yammer and Salesforce Chatter. These systems are like Facebook or Twitter for working with your coworkers.

Just when we thought we figured out the new “social enterprise” market along comes Convofy. I tried to be skeptical, but the collaborative features of it are impressive. You’ve gotta watch the video to see what’s different about it. Much more collaborative if you are really trying to do work and not just chit chat about work.

This is the future of work and I appreciate getting a first look at it. Friday John Leckrone, Director of Venture Development at Adobe Systems and Faizan Buzdar of Convofy came to my house to give me this first look.

In the demo, if you only watch a few minutes, watch about 10 minutes into the video where you get a sense of the real-time collaboration features.

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  1. The concerns over these SaaS are *very* legitimate. The laws don’t protect access to the data appropriately. As well, because they are a third party overseeing communications between at least two parties, they break expectation of privacy that the company or users can have (according to the law). This is a big prob which is what makes all hosted apps a “use at your own risk” proposition. Hoping things will change with upcoming privacy bill but am concerned that this knits will not be appropriately addressed.

    1. The world is already heavily trending towards the SaaS delivery model and is on its way towards addressing and solving any concerns around privacy. Although any update to the legal system always takes time, and the entire tech industry will want to keep up with any changes.
      As far as Convofy is concerned, we are in full support of companies having full control over their data.

      The Convofy Team

    1. We often catch ourselves wanting to do Convofy-style, context-enabled comments everywhere, on services like Twitter and Facebook.
      Context adds so much value and quality to comments that we think (or hope) that in the future, many collaboration platforms will build in a way attach context too.

      The Convofy Team

  2. Wow! The Convofy tool is a great way to collaborate. While watching the video, my mind was racing thinking about all the past projects I have worked on over the years and how this tool would have made the projects so much more efficient.

    I hope they add a pro feature that allows collaboration between enterprises.

    I can not wait to test this tool.

    1. Thank you for liking the demo David! We use Convofy ourselves and find collaboration elsewhere really difficult now 🙂
      You can share Convofy groups with people outside your company already (and its not a pro feature), so you can work with clients, contractors, etc.

      The Convofy Team

      1. Sajida, it is great to know Convofy already allows sharing with groups outside your company. I really am looking forward to testing Convofy!

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