If Chris Pirillo calls you…

Remember that he probably is on live TV and that you should behave. Here’s a recording of when he called me the day after we got our iPhones. I was just slightly too exuberant about the iPhone, but I still am very exuberant about it. As you can tell. :-)

The conversation is good, though, cause Pirillo is skeptical and isn’t buying into my exuberance. I shouldn’t have been interrupting him so much, but I couldn’t hear him trying to talk cause the connection wasn’t that great.

I can’t wait to be at Gnomedex. Chris is doing the best live video stuff on the Internet right now. I wish I had more time to watch his show.

Sorry, I didn’t behave. Slightly not work safe, be warned.

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Robert Scoble

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  1. Ya, I had to rewind just to hear you drop the F-bomb. Didn’t think I heard it right but I did.