Meet the team that knows who is REALLY influential on Twitter (Klout)

Last Friday I dropped in on Klout’s offices because I wanted to know more about the team that’s making waves by studying the influence of Twitterers. You might be shocked to know it doesn’t have much to do with how many followers you have. They monitor a whole range of things. Anyway, you can see that by trying Klout out on your own Twitter stream. Check out my score and compare it to yours. Then watch the video and meet the team.

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  1. I think it's a great tool. I checked mine and my score was 17 and my rank is an Explorer meaning I'm actively engaging in the social web and that I “get it” :), and you are a Pundit, Robert. You just don't share the news, you create it, congratulations on that, Robert. I think it's a really great achievement and the guys at Klout have really done well on creating this tool :). I think with this tool you'll know how you are doing in the social web whether your actions are taking the effects you want or not.

  2. Great share Robert, what an awesome tool to evaluate how to elevate your influence in the twitterverse. This breakdown was valuable from Klout to me, “If you're in the upper right corner, you have succeeded in building a strong audience, but need to engage and be more active to jump to the next level.” Going to use this and recommend as I grow my small biz.

  3. I had the same thing happen to me LOL, which makes me a sad panda but oh well. Rankings remind of achievements in gaming, you're always aiming for the next one.

  4. Yes. Twitter is about connecting people, building relationships, target marketing (they are moving into that), promos and ads, and most importantly Twitter is a great source of information. It's the like the virtual grapevine. So, this Klout is very useful tool for spying on the right people.

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