More photowalking is up

First and second parts of our pumpkin walk with photosharing service Zooomr CEO Thomas Hawk is up.

This was the pumpkin patch walkaround where he made about 500 images in just over an hour with about 60 professional quality images coming out of that. His blog explains more.

I love how we see Maryam and Patrick for a split second. Heheh.

Oh, and love how Thomas was wearing a “Diggnation” t-shirt. I wonder if we’ll get onto Digg with this? Seems like anything that mentions Digg gets on Digg pretty quickly.

Speaking of Digg, my blatant begging seems to have helped get the Google Reader video onto Digg. It’s hanging out on the second page right now, but that’s pretty good! 289 Diggs along with one guy saying I’m incompetent.

Damn, there’s always one guy who says the truth, isn’t there?

Speaking of the truth that hurts I pay Shelley Powers a compliment about her photography in this video — you’ll have to watch the video to see why that hurts. I love her photography.

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