One guy at Microsoft I wished blogged more

You probably don’t know Charles Fitzgerald. He’s one of those guys who you might read about in the press once in a while but most people wouldn’t see. But I’m on his team and I’ve gotten to see some of the things he’s done at Microsoft and I’m most impressed. I met him in the hall the other day and we chatted about the tech industry and he’s one of those guys who is scary smart and that you can’t BS. He’s one of those guys who gets mentioned at meetings with 1,200 people. Why? Cause he makes stuff happen and cause he doesn’t hold back his opinions and he’s scary smart.

I’m so blessed to be surrounded by people like that. Why? Cause it sharpens your mind. You’ve gotta do your best work to impress people like that (and sometimes even that isn’t enough).

He doesn’t write on his blog very often, but it is enjoyable when he does and I always learn something.