Facebook's new privacy and sharing defenses (they are quite nice)

Mark Zuckerberg is the smartest social thinker I’ve met on my journey through life. He’s frequently misunderstood because he’s, well, generally too far in front of us. I remember meeting Doug Engelbart, the guy who invented the mouse (and showed it to us back in 1967 — way before Apple shipped the first consumer machine … Continue reading “Facebook's new privacy and sharing defenses (they are quite nice)”

I really like Techcrunch's new "Facebook comments"

Techcrunch today changed from Disqus comments, like the ones I use on my blog, to Facebook comments. That decision was discussed on Techcrunch, including by me (see the comments). They are hated by a lot of people, see the comments on this Techcrunch post, but I really love them. Why? The quality of the comments … Continue reading “I really like Techcrunch's new "Facebook comments"”