What companies are you cheering for?

You might notice I’ve been playing around with different video systems this week. I rediscovered two companies I knew about but hadn’t really used yet: Blip.tv and TubeMogul. But now that I’ve used them I find I’m cheering for them.

What do I mean by that? Well, Fast Company just released its 50 most innovative companies list and I find I’m cheering for many of the companies on that list.

Especially during the recession I’m hoping that my favorite companies find ways to survive and thrive.

So, I’m wondering, what companies are you cheering for?

Oh, and why am I using TubeMogul? Gary Vaynerchuk, who does the most excellent WineLibrary TV video show and I were doing a panel together at CES and he said “you are a complete idiot if you’re not using TubeMogul.” I didn’t want to be a complete idiot anymore. 🙂 What does it do? It redistributes, and tracks, your video onto a number of different sites. That let me rediscover Blip.tv which has the cleanest player I’ve seen (it’s the player I used on the David Allen coaching blog post I just posted).