Canon takes good PR and throws it in the trash

Amazing, remember last night when we were all slobbering over the new 5D MKII’s video capabilities? Well, today Don MacAskill, CEO of SmugMug, wrote that Canon had forced him to take down the videos. Why? He doesn’t quite know, but says it seems to be around the fact that SmugMug’s HD video was far better than the one Canon is able to host and SmugMug was making someone look bad at Canon. Don talked more about it on his Twitter account. Either way they took what was extremely good PR and decided to trash that for some reason. I’d sure like to know who made this decision and why.

Gadget lust in times of economic troubles

Damn you Canon. Check out this post from Don MacAskill, CEO of Smugmug. It has all my photographer friends slobbering over themselves over Canon’s new $2,800 DSLR. Me too. I want one of these in the worst way.

Problem is I can’t afford one. Neither can a lot of people. I blew my gadget budget a year ago when I bought last year’s model of the same camera. My credit cards can’t take this abuse. Not while banks are getting wiped out. My friends are losing their jobs. Etc.

This is one reason why I like covering web stuff. For the most part the cool new things, like Fotonauts, a cool new photo sharing site, on the Web are free. Or pretty low cost.

But damn, look at that video. Slobber. Slobber. Slobber. Oh, sorry.

I think this is what’s wrong with our country. We get lust for new toys, or things we can’t afford, and decide to put them on our credit cards and we all get into trouble. I’m not going to do that this time. Sorry, Canon. We’ll have to earn this the old fashioned way: save, save, save.