What companies are you cheering for?

You might notice I’ve been playing around with different video systems this week. I rediscovered two companies I knew about but hadn’t really used yet: Blip.tv and TubeMogul. But now that I’ve used them I find I’m cheering for them.

What do I mean by that? Well, Fast Company just released its 50 most innovative companies list and I find I’m cheering for many of the companies on that list.

Especially during the recession I’m hoping that my favorite companies find ways to survive and thrive.

So, I’m wondering, what companies are you cheering for?

Oh, and why am I using TubeMogul? Gary Vaynerchuk, who does the most excellent WineLibrary TV video show and I were doing a panel together at CES and he said “you are a complete idiot if you’re not using TubeMogul.” I didn’t want to be a complete idiot anymore. 🙂 What does it do? It redistributes, and tracks, your video onto a number of different sites. That let me rediscover Blip.tv which has the cleanest player I’ve seen (it’s the player I used on the David Allen coaching blog post I just posted).

Economic crisis hits home…

I’ve just learned I have a new boss and that lots of moves are being made by my parent company, Mansueto Ventures, which publishes Fast Company and Inc Magazines and also does a series of online sites, including Fast Company TV, which I head along with Rocky Barbanica. I also just learned that 20 of my coworkers have been laid off as the economic troubles start to move into the media world. Most of these cuts are in online and marketing.

I’ve been talking with people about these changes on my Twitter account and on my FriendFeed account, more to come as I learn more.

My new boss? Bob Safian who is the top editor at Fast Company magazine. I’ve worked with him and his team on my column so this is actually a good news because it brings our videos closer to the magazine.

Ed Sussman, my previous boss, is leaving to join a startup as CEO. I’ll let you know more as his startup comes out of stealth mode.

Getting things done over at FastCompanyTV

If you haven’t checked into FastCompanyTV lately, we’ve been posting up a storm of innovative people.

David Allen, best-selling author of Getting Things Done, tells us how to get more done.
Buzz Bruggeman, CEO of ActiveWords, shows me how to use Mind Mapping software and tons of other tools to become more productive.
Philip J. Kuekes, computer architect on the quantum science research team at HP Labs shows me how they are finding new ways to make processors and memory a lot smaller and power efficient. Does he make you feel like you are a few brain cells down on him? I always get inspired and wish I studied more math and science in school when I meet guys like Philip.
Senator Tom Coburn tells me why he likes bloggers, among other things. This was part of our whirl-wind tour of Washington DC.
Microsoft Senior Vice President, Chris Capossela, tells me how they are going to keep all office workers from going to Zoho or Google Docs and Spreadsheets. Seriously, he laid out what Microsoft Office team is trying to do to bring collaborative features into the most-used of Office suites.
FCC Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein talks to me about a variety of issues, including child protection, which is what he’s most passionate about.
Congressman Tim Ryan talks to me about Twittering from the House of Representatives. Among other things. Heck, did you catch that a Democrat is now proposing that we build nuclear power plants and get people to buy electronic cars? We wouldn’t have had THAT conversation a decade ago.

Whew, and there’s more smart people to listen to over on FastCompanyTV too.