New Feedly combines Google Reader, friendfeed, Twitter in great way for social network addicts

Edwin Khodabakchian founder of Feedly yesterday showed me why Feedly is cool (I recorded him telling me about what makes Feedly special and demoing these new features): it combines inputs from Google Reader, friendfeed, twitter, and elsewhere to make an interesting news display, but now it also — as you surf around the web — shows you if there’s a conversation about that blog post on friendfeed. You can read more about Feedly’s new features on its blog.

What is Feedly? It’s an addon to the Firefox browser that aggregates your sharing behavior together into a page and then adds a little bar to the bottom of pages that gives you more sharing and comparing features about that page.

It also is like a little StumbleUpon — if you keep clicking “next” in the little toolbar it’ll take you to another cool site your friends have recommended to you.

This is all crack to someone like me who lives on social networking sites all the time and wants to keep up to date on the conversation that is happening over on friendfeed about items.

But that’s also its downfall. How many people are like me? Not many. Do many people, when they are visiting a web page, wonder what the conversation about that page is? Nah.

And, if you see my Feedly page you’ll see it really is awesome. A good, quick, summary of today’s latest news. I think it’s better than Techmeme or TechFuga because it’s based on my friends and the feeds I’ve subscribed to on Google Reader.

See in Google Reader I have almost 1,000 people who are scouring the Internet for interesting new stuff and are sharing it with me. That is like having 1,000 editors working for you. It makes for a news page that’s quite interesting and amazing.

The problem? How many people have 1,000 friends in Google Reader? Not many.

Two strikes.

That’s why I say Feedly is ahead of its time. At least with friendfeed you can see what someone else’s experience is like, even if you don’t have any friends. I hope Feedly will move in that direction so everyone can see what Louis Gray’s friends are bringing him, for instance.

But, in the meantime, Feedly is very interesting to me and it has been added to my morning news reading.

Read/Write Web has a good article on the new features as well.

Firefox down

Everyone is trying to get into download Firefox 3.0 (the release of Firefox 3.0 is the hot story of the day on TechMeme). Unfortunately most of us over on FriendFeed (which is where I hang out now most of the day) can’t get to the servers. I can’t either. Will keep trying.

In other news, Twitter is still up!

Of course this blog post caused an interesting conversation over on Firefox to break out, along with links to all the download places if you want to keep trying. UPDATE: Success! (Using the direct links).

Mike Arrington and Steve Gillmor don't use Firefox 3.0

Tonight I was at a party where Mike Arrington, Steve Gillmor, and me were talking to Brendan Eich, CTO of Mozilla Foundation. You know, the fine folks who make the Firefox browser. During the conversation they admitted they don’t yet use Firefox 3.0.

Me? That’s ALL I use and I love it. I can’t wait for it to launch. Brendan said they don’t know the exact time yet that they will launch but gave strong indications it would be sometime next week.

Interesting that Walt Mossberg DOES use Firefox 3.0 and gave it a ringing endorsement, one that I can definitely add onto. There’s no better browser out there. None. On my Mac I love it a lot more than Safari.