The Scoble Top Tech Blogger/FriendFeed/Social Media List

This is my hand-picked list of the people who provide the most interesting tech blogging/tweeting/FriendFeeding. All of these point to FriendFeed. If you know someone who deserves to be on this list, please post their FriendFeed URL. Mine is:

I watch this list very closely and put the best stuff from these people onto my FriendFeed “Like” and “Comment” feed here:

I will also add a few notes here and there so you can understand how these people got on my list. They aren’t all techies. Jay Rosen, for instance, is a journalism professor, but he puts enough tech news that’s different from anyone else into my feed to have caught my eye.

This list is also being discussed over on FriendFeed.

Aaron Brazell Founder and lead editor of TechnoSailor.
Adam Lasnik Google search evangelist.
Alana Taylor She did the Twitter song, and brings me fun tech news.
Alan Lee Lead Developer/Designer of Witty twitter client.
Alex Albrecht One of the co-hosts of Diggnation.
Alex Williams Geek from Portland who hosts Podcast Hotels.
Allen Stern Founder of Center Networks, one of my favorite tech blogs.
Andrew Baron Founder of Rocketboom, which is still one of the best online video shows and led the way for a whole bunch of us.
Andru Edwards Founder of Gearlive, a consumer electronics site out of Seattle — lately he’s been breaking a lot of iPhone news.
Andy Beal Internet marketing consultant specializing in search engine marketing, online reputation management, and business blogging
Andy Ihnatko Technology journalist for Chicago Sun Times, among other things.
Anthony Citrano
Ars Technica. Great tech blog.
Atul Arora
Benjamin Golub Works as a dev on FriendFeed.
Ben Metcalfe Worked at BBC, now works at MySpace.
Benjamin Higginbotham
Beth Kanter
Bhaskar Roy Founder of Qik.
Bret Taylor Co-founder of FriendFeed.
Brian Shields Tech journalist for KRON-TV (San Francisco TV station).
Brian Solis Mr. PR.
Charlene Li Social networking analyst and expert.
charles cooper Tech journalist for CNET.
Charles Hudson Worked at Google and hosts Virtual Goods Summit.
Charlie Anzman Charlie Anzman is the founder of SEO and Tech Daily, a popular news and opinion blog.
Chris Brogan Everyone knows him in social media world.
Chris Messina Was a dev for Flock, major proponent of microformats.
Chris Nuttall Tech journalist for Financial Times.
Chris Saad Started the Data
Christopher Allen Entrepreneur, leader in iPhone dev camp.
Christopher Galtenberg site & tech lead of
Chuq Von Rospach Used to work at Apple.
Colide81 (James)
Craig Eddy
Craig Newmark Founder of Craig’s List.
Chris Sacca Used to be an executive at Google, now does investing.
Cyndy Writes a good tech blog.
dan farber Runs CNet’s tech and blogger journalism. One of my favorite tech journalists, too.
Dan Fernandez Works at Microsoft on PopFly.
Daniel J. Pritchett He’s an SAP Business Intelligence solution developer building data warehousing solutions for a Fortune 100 manufacturer.
Danny O’Brien He is the International Outreach Coordinator for the EFF.
dannysullivan Search engine expert.
Dare Obasanjo Works at Microsoft as a dev.
Darren Barefoot A technologist, writer, marketer and miscellanist who lives in Vancouver, Canada.
dave mcclure Does a whole bunch of stuff, teaches a Facebook class at Stanford.
Dave Morin Runs Facebook’s developer platform.
Dave Zatz
Dave Taylor Runs “Ask Dave Taylor” website.
Dave Winer Brought us XML-RPC, RSS, and was the father of blogging, in my mind at least.
David Armano VP of Experience Design with Critical Mass
David Sifry Founder of Technorati and Offbeat Guides.
David Swain PR for Facebook.
david weinberger One of the authors of Cluetrain Manifesto, and smart dude.
debbie landa. Co-founder of Under the Radar, a conference for startups.
Deborah Micek She is a new media marketing strategist.
DeWitt Clinton Works at Google.
Dion Almaer He is the co-founder of, the leading source of the Ajax community.
Doc Searls One of the cofounders of Cluetrain Manifesto, and now a Harvard Berkman fellow (IE, smart guy).
Don Dodge Works at Microsoft in M&A group.
Don MacAskill CEO/founder of SmugMug.
Duncan Riley Founder of Inquisitor, one of my favorite tech blogs.
Dwight Silverman Tech journalist for Houston Chronicle.
Ed Bott. Long-time Microsoft expert (wrote big books about Windows).
engadget. If you are into gadgets you probably visit here a lot.
Erhan Erdogan Writer/Analyst at Webrazzi
Erica Baker. IT field technician who works at Google.
Eric Eldon tech journalist for Venture Beat.
Eric @ CS Techcast
Eric Rice The guy who first gave me a tour around Second Life and he hasn’t lived it down since. (He answers: Ugh, I’m on the list as Second Life-related and that’s the last f***ing thing I’m paying attention to. I’m about 42 steps beyond that and constantly have to PR my way out of it. New urbanism, game design/development, AI/AGI, augmented reality, architecture, cybernetics and such. Design, media, art, and fiction.)
Erin Kotecki Vest. Political blogger, but covers tech too.
Evan Williams. Guy who started Blogger and Twitter.
Francine Hardaway smart entrepreneur and investor.
Fred Wilson famous VC in tech industry.
Gabe Rivera Runs TechMeme.
GigaOm. One of my favorite tech bloggers.
Glen Campbell Was lead tech for Yahoo.
Hacker News.
Harry McCracken Writes “Technologizer” but used to be a tech journalist at PC World.
Hutch Carpenter One of my favorite tech bloggers.
J Phil Glockner
James Kendrick Tablets and gadgets and more.
James Urquhart
Jason Falls
Jay Rosen Journalism professor, but who keeps me up to date on tech advances in that field.
(jeff)isageek He’s a geek, what else do you need to know?
Jeff Jarvis One of the leading political bloggers, but brings tech into things often.
Jennifer Leggio Social media; security research; analyst relations; market share reporting and competitive analysis; crisis management and ZDNet blogger.
Jeremiah Owyang Social Media analyst for Forrester.
Jeremy Toeman One of the smartest marketers around. Launched BugLabs and got the CEO on CNBC’s Donny Deutsch’s show.
Jesse Stay Develops apps for Facebook/Twitter, etc.
Jessica Guynn Tech journalist for Los Angeles Times.
Joe Wilcox Tech blogger for CNET.
John Furrier Entrepreneur, was my boss for a couple of years at PodTech.
John McCrea. Heads up marketing at Plaxo who got me in trouble with Facebook.
Joi Ito CEO of Creative Commons, among other things (Japanese VC).
Joshua Dilworth
Josh Bancroft. Most interesting blogger at Intel.
joshua schachter Founder of
Justin Korn
kamla bhatt
Kara Swisher. Runs the D Conference with Walt Mossberg and generally beats me to all the good stories.
Karim Always has a fun comment.
Karsten Januszewski One of the smartest devs I worked with at Microsoft.
Keith Teare Investor in Silicon Valley.
Ken Camp
Leo Laporte runs this week in tech, my favorite tech podcast.
l0ckergn0me Chris Pirillo, founder of Gnomedex conference and Lockergnome newsletter/blogs.
laura “@pistachio” fitton One of my favorite Twitterers.
Laurel Papworth
Liz Gannes She writes for GigaOm, covering the new video market.
Loic Le Meur. Runs the Le Web conference in Paris, France and is founder/CEO of Seesmic.
Long Zheng Student in Australia and gives good insights often.
Layne Heiny. The smart one in the Tablet PC family (he teaches, and all three of the Heiny’s are whip smart).
Lora Heiny She works on Tablet PC team at Microsoft.
Loren Heiny Builds software for Tablet PCs.
Louis Gray The guy who got me into FriendFeed.
Marc Canter founder of Macromind, which later became Macromedia. Now founder of Broadband Mechanics and is one of the leading thinkers on the Web.
Mark “Rizzn” Hopkins Tech blogger at Mashable.
Mark Krynsky Web producer for X PRIZE Foundation and author of Lifestream Blog.”
Mark Trapp One of my favorite FriendFeeders.
Make Magazine The best magazine for people who want to do it yourself.
Marshall Kirkpatrick One of my favorite tech bloggers.
Mashable One of the most famous tech blogs.
mathew ingram Writes one of my favorite tech blogs.
Matt Cutts Google’s most famous blogger. Covers intersection of media and technology.
MG Siegler Good video blog.
michael arrington/TechCrunch The Techcrunch feed, which is my favorite tech blog, according to FriendFeed.
Michael Krigsman Enterprise blogger I like a lot.
Michael Wesch A cultural anthropologist and media ecologist exploring the impacts of new media on human interaction at Kansas State University (made the famous Web 2.0 video).
mike “glemak” dunn
Mike Butcher/TechCrunch UK
Mike Cannon-Brookes CEO of Atlassian.
Mike Cassidy
Mike Doeff
Mike Fruchter One of my favorite FriendFeeders.
MikeAmundsen Longtime developer, I’ve been following him since mid 1990s.
Mitchell Tsai Out of 19,000 following me on FriendFeed he’s my biggest fan.
Molly E. Holzschlag She helped form Web Standards Project now works at Microsoft.
nateridder. Web application developer, database administrator, project manager, and product manager in a wide variety of business applications.
Niall Kennedy. Operates, an analyst site for web technology startup
Nick O’Neill Facebook expert.
Nir Ben Yona Lawyer and Internet saavy
noah kagan Used to work at Facebook, now runs a variety of conferences in tech industry.
Nova Spivack Founder of Twine, semantic bookmarking service (among other things).
Omar Shahine Works on Microsoft’s Hotmail team.
Ontario Emperor
Orli Yakuel
Ouriel. Writes TechCrunch France and Israel.
Patphelan CEO of MaxRoam in Ireland.
Paul Buchheit Co-founder of FriendFeed.
paul mooney I have been meeting him at tech conferences for past few years.
Paul Stamatiou Skribit Co-Founder known for his prowess with all things tech.
Paul Thurrott Microsoft journalist.
Pete Blackshaw Worked at Procter and Gamble and is the most interesting marketing guy out there.
Pete Steege Works at Seagate.
Peter Semmelhack Founder of BugLabs, one of my favorite consumer electronics products of 2007.
Rachel Clarke Web marketing expert in UK.
Rafe Needleman Founder of Web Ware and one of the best tech journalists out there.
Rebecca MacKinnon Worked for CNN in China, started Global Voices online.
Richard Binhammer Marketer at Dell.
Richard MacManus of Read/Write Web.
Rob Bushway Writes about Tablet PCs and Netbooks.
Rob Diana
Robert Hof Tech journalist at BusinessWeek.
Robert Sanzalone
Rodney Rumford Writes one of the best Facebook blogs out there, now starting a new company.
Roger Kondrat Writes for TechWinter a European Social Media and Mobile blog.
Ryan Block Used to run Engadget.
Sanjeev Singh. Dev who works at FriendFeed.
Sarah Perez
Scott Beale Founder of Laughing Squid.
ScottBourne Co-host of This Week in Photography, works at Photrade now.
Sean Alexander Microsoft guy in the Entertainment & Devices Division at Microsoft. Worked on many digital media efforts including Silverlight, Media Center, and Windows XP.
sean percival I met him when he was a dev at Mahalo.
seth goldstein
Shel Israel My former partner in crime (we wrote Naked Conversations together).
slashdot The famous tech blog.
Steve Broback I worked for him back in late 90s, now he runs a variety of blogs and conferences.
steve clayton Works at Microsoft in UK.
Steve Garfield. Video blogging expert.
Steve Gillmor Runs Gillmor Gang.
Steve Lacey Used to be a dev on Flight Sim team at Microsoft now is doing some weird stuff at Google that no one understands.
Steve Outing Journalist/entrepreneur at intersection of media & Internet
Steve Rubel VP of Edelman, but I knew him back when he was merely a blogger.
Steven Hodson
Stowe Boyd Social media expert.
Stupid Blogger (aka Tina)
susan mernit I met her when she worked at Yahoo, always shows up in interesting places.
Susan Scrupski
Svetlana Gladkova Writes a great tech blog.
Tamar Weinberg
Terry Heaton
Thomas Hawk My favorite Flickr-famous photographer.
Thomas Vander Wal
Tim O’Reilly The guy who coined term “Web 2.0.” One of the smartest people in tech, runs O’Reilly Publishing.
Todd Cochrane
Tom Foremski Tech journalist at Silicon Valley Watcher.
Tom Merritt
Veronica Belmont Co-host of Revision3’s tech-centric show, Tekzilla, and Qore on the PlayStation Network
Warner Crocker Tablet PC freak.
Werner Vogels CTO of Amazon.
Woody Pewitt Was an old school VB programmer that I’ve known since early 90s.
Yaron Samid
Zee from WeDoCreative
zefrank Funny. Enough said.
Zoli Erdos

FastCompanyTV: the three-month report

We started FastCompanyTV the first week of March this year. What a lot has happened in three months.

Here’s a rundown of the videos we’ve done. ScobleizerTV (S)=36 shows. WorkFastTV (WF)=1 show. Global NeighbourhoodsTV (GN)=14 shows. FastCompanyLive (FCL)=44 shows. Total of 95 shows. Yowza, with more on the way.

My favorite ones? The Tesla drive, the IBM moving the Atom, the Yosemite ones with Michael Adams, and the Rackspace ones (they went IPO right after we shot, so we have the last video before their quiet period, plus they were darn cool and their new headquarters are mondo big).

What did we do bad? 1. Didn’t get enough outside of the technology industry and didn’t get short versions done. 2. Also didn’t get transcripts done yet. 3. We had a rough beginning with Shel’s show that got a lot better over time. 4. Also, the cell phone videos aren’t integrated into the site the way they should be (I start those over on Qik, then move them over later, which totally doesn’t take advantage of the “live” ability of cell phone videos).

I’d love to know what you think, good or bad. The next three months are going to be just as wild. Starting next week as we go to Seattle to see lots of startups and more stuff at Microsoft, too.

By the way, thanks to Rocky Barbanica. He edited and produced much of this stuff and has dragged our two HD cameras lots of places. Michael Shick edited Global Neighbourhoods and I’m most grateful for that, too.

Also, thank you to our sponsors: Seagate, who sponsors ScobleizerTV, and SAP, who sponsors WorkFastTV. It’s expensive to buy HD cameras, buy gas for cars, travel around the world, and pay for bandwidth and other stuff. Not to mention our salaries. So, if you like what we do, please think of our sponsors next time you have a chance to choose them or someone else.

Finally, thank you to everyone who has been in front of our cameras. Without you, well, these shows wouldn’t be interesting.

Here’s a list of all of our shows, in the order they come up on the Web site.


Sliderocket. Intro to a very interesting new presentation package. (S)
Threshold. Intro to easiest-to-use wireless home automation system. (S)
Rick Rashid, Microsoft
. He runs Microsoft Research. Enough said. (S)
Roy Levin, Microsoft
. Smart guy who runs Microsoft’s Silicon Valley Research group. (S)
New show launches: WorkFastTV (first one goes up tomorrow) (WF)
New show to launch: PhotoCycle (the trailer/intro is already up — an astute ear will tell that’s Ansel Adams playing piano, the full show starts later in June). (PC)
Eepybird. The folks behind those Diet Coke and Mentos explosions. (GN)
Pamela Skillings. Author of “Escape from Corporate America” talks to my cell phone about your career. (FCL)


Amazee: Demo of new project-management online service. (S)
Bill Watkins, Seagate. Bill, Seagate’s CEO talks to me about future of its business and asks “what recession?” (S)
Xerox CTO. Sophie Vandebroek talks to me about PARC and the post-copier world of Xerox research. (S)
TechCrunch Israel. I learn about Israel’s entrepreneurs from TechCrunch’s Roi Carthy. (S)
Plymedia. A cool online video company in Israel shows me their video overlay technology. (S)
Flixwagon. This Israeli company shows me how their technology lets you send live video from cell phones. (S)
Checkpoint. The biggest startup success from Israel. The CEO talks about security business. (S)
Itay Talgam, famous conductor. Part I. Part II. Part III. Gives a seminar showing management styles of orchestral conductors. (S)
IBM Research, Semantic Search. A look at research into semantic search at IBM’s New Almaden Research Center. (S)
HBMG. An Austin, TX, company shows me their security software which uses unique video compression. (S)
Semantinet. Interesting new social networking tool/search engine in Israel. (S)
Neopolitan Networks. San Antonio, TX, based company that supports many companies with their bandwidth needs. (S)
CERN’s Large Hadron Collider. The place where the Web was invented, but now they are turning on a new machine designed to discover the properties of Mass. A physicist shows us around and explains what we’re seeing. (S)
Microsoft Research (Translations). See the latest in language translation technology. (FCL)
New York Times. They demo and announce “Times Machine” which lets subscribers look at older issues. (FCL)
Microsoft Research (Surface). Andy Wilson invented many of the concepts behind the Surface computer that you use your hands to control and here he gives us a ton of info about what he’s building. (FCL)
FriendFeed (Designer). The designer behind FriendFeed and many Google products like Gmail and Google Reader, gives his philosophy on design. (FCL)
BluePulse. Social network for cell phones, CEO tells me latest. (FCL)
SlideRocket. PowerPoint competitor announces first version, coming in July. (FCL)
Google. Introduces FriendConnect. (FCL)
eMetrics Conference. Talking to experts about analytics of your Web site. (FCL)
PARC. A tour of the Palo Alto Research Center (subsidiary of Xerox) where the CEO shows me the first ethernet cable, which is still embedded in a wall there. (FCL)
Ansel Adams Gallery. Michael Adams, Ansel Adams son, takes us to Glacier Point in Yosemite where we interview him about Ansel’s famous photos. Another video shows him in front of the family business. (FCL)
Minggl. A new toolbar so you can join your friends from several social networks. (FCL)
Web 2.0 Expo. An afterhours tour through the exhibit hall with the guys from Zude. (FCL)
Moo Cards. The CEO of Moo shows us his latest cool business cards which are a hit with photographers and social media influentials. (FCL)
Good Vision. An interesting company in Israel that focuses on helping companies perform socially responsible processes. (FCL)


Newstin. A service, located in Prague, that helps you find the news. (S)
IBM Research, Moving Atoms. This is my favorite experience. We move a single iron atom across a piece of copper. In the video they explain why they are doing this (to make smaller and smaller storage devices). (S) We also have a cell phone video we did in the lab that gives more info. (FCL)
Admob. A new advertising network that’s white hot aimed at getting ads onto mobile phones around the world. (S)
Austin City Limits. One of the best audio engineers in the world explains his work on this famous TV show. (S)
IBM’s New Almaden Research Center. This is where tons of stuff was invented. Hard drives. Blue lasers. And more. (S)
PerfTech. Messaging technology for cable companies in our San Antonio, Texas, visit. (S)
Kulabyte. Making HD video compress faster and better. (S)
Rackspace’s new headquarters. Get an exclusive look at Rackspace’s new headquarters in San Antonio, Texas (they announced an IPO a few weeks after we visited). (S)
Rackspace Radio Station. A look at Rackspace’s radio station in San Antonio, Texas. (S)
Rackspace/Leadership. Fun story about how Rackspace’s Chairman got everyone inside Rackspace to change their minds. (FCL)
Rackspace/office fight. There’s a fight inside Rackspace between dark and light offices. Which one would you pick? (FCL)
MySpace CTO. See the architecture behind this famous social networking site. (S)
Ben Segal. Mentor of Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web. (S)
Mahlo. Part I. Part II. Innovative search company that uses humans instead of algoritms to bring better results. (S)
Jim Long. NBC cameraman at of the US President. (GN)
KD Paine. Social Media Measurement guru. (GN)
Dell. Richard Binhammer talks with Shel Israel about social media and measuring results. (GN)
Radian 6. Part I. Part II. Measuring results and talking about Radian 6’s business and how it impacts social media. (GN)
Buzz Logic. Measuring influence in social media. (GN)
Disney. Look at Disney’s new virtual worlds. (GN)
Twitter. A talk with Twitter’s founders about its impact on the social media world. (GN)
GM. A talk with General Motors’ CEO where he admits he doesn’t write his own blog. (GN)
Cemaphor. They show off their new technology that syncs Google Calendars and email with Microsoft’s Outlook and Exchange. (FCL)
ZigTag. Demo of a new bookmarking service. (FCL)
AT&T. Demo of AT&T’s new browser. (FCL)
Shane Finley. Micro-wine innovator. (FCL)
PhotoCrank. CEO of PhotoCrank tells me why he started his company. (FCL)
DeLoach Winery. A bunch of geeks get together at a winery for an interesting conversation about business. (FCL)
FriendFeed. Part I. Part II. The founders of FriendFeed talk about their business (this is one of the first video interviews they gave, since then they’ve gotten much more popular and have been interviewed more often). (FCL)


Google Docs. They announce offline docs. (S)
Newtek. The Tricaster is mondo cool way to do video production. Leo Laporte is using one on his new show.
Microsoft Research/Redmond. An exclusive tour around Microsoft’s new research building. (S)
MySpace. An interview with the VP of product development at this famous social network. Also got a separate interview with MySpace’s CEO. (S)
Scribd. A startup in San Francisco that makes sharing presentations and docs fun. (S)
John Kao. Longtime business professor and innovation guru plays some music and talks about innovation. (S) I also did a separate interview with him on my cell phone, which is here. (FCL)
Microsoft’s WorldWide Telescope. We got the first video of Microsoft’s WorldWide Telescope (it got 10 million unique visits in first week). (S)
Amazon. Web services evangelist gives us an update on the state of Amazon’s popular Web services. (S)
Seaworld. Shel gets wet in the name of finding out how Seaworld is using social media. (GN)
Intel. How the world’s biggest processor manufacturer is using social media to get the word out. (GN)
Sun Microsystems. How Sun is using social media to better use its internal knowledge. (GN)
Forrester. Jeremiah Owyang, Forrester’s analyst on social media, talks with Shel Israel. (GN)
Hugh Macleod. Famous artist that puts his drawings on backs of business cards up on his blog. (GN)
Microsoft. New Internet Explorer gets talked about in the hallways with executives from Microsoft. (FCL)
Monster. Cool new headphones get demoed. (FCL)
Lijit. Useful new search engine for bloggers demoed. (FCL)
Facebook. CEO Mark Zuckerberg takes questions from an audience at SXSW. (FCL)
AMD and ATI. A look into the merger of these two companies with executives from each. (FCL)
Make Magazine. Meet the guy behind Make Magazine, a popular magazine for people who like building their own things. (FCL)
Intel Chip History. A look back at San Antonio’s tech history and part in designing Intel’s famous 8008 processor that kicked off a whole industry. (FCL)
Ear Bender. After an REM concert we met a music promoter who let us into his world. (FCL)
Hatchery. How does a company get started when it’s trying to disrupt something as big as the credit card industry? (FCL)
iLike. The founder of iLike told me at the SXSW conference that they had made a deal with R.E.M. (FCL)
Adaptive Blue. A useful toolbar for adding on search features gets demoed to me. (FCL)
Tesla. First ride in the production tesla with Elon Musk, chairman of the board. (FCL)
Annie Leibovitz. Famous photographer of famous people shows us around her exhibit. (FCL)
NASDAQ. Shows off its new technology which lets stock traders go back and check the price at a specific time. (FCL)
MFG.COM. Shows off a very cool app for tracking shipments. (FCL)
Larry Lessig. Gives his last talk on Free Culture at Stanford University. He’s a law professor there and is quite famous for starting up Creative Commons, among other things. (FCL)
Joi Ito. CEO of Creative Commons talks with us on the way to a meeting. (FCL)
Tim O’Reilly. Future of Advertising conversation after Davos’ World Economic Forum panel discussion. There was a second part of this conversation too. (FCL)
Rick Warren, Part I
. Part II. Author of hugely popular “A Purpose Driven Life” and head of largest single church in USA has a fun chat with me at the World Economic Forum. (FCL)