Economic crisis hits home…

I’ve just learned I have a new boss and that lots of moves are being made by my parent company, Mansueto Ventures, which publishes Fast Company and Inc Magazines and also does a series of online sites, including Fast Company TV, which I head along with Rocky Barbanica. I also just learned that 20 of my coworkers have been laid off as the economic troubles start to move into the media world. Most of these cuts are in online and marketing.

I’ve been talking with people about these changes on my Twitter account and on my FriendFeed account, more to come as I learn more.

My new boss? Bob Safian who is the top editor at Fast Company magazine. I’ve worked with him and his team on my column so this is actually a good news because it brings our videos closer to the magazine.

Ed Sussman, my previous boss, is leaving to join a startup as CEO. I’ll let you know more as his startup comes out of stealth mode.