The best marketer of 2008 reads us the ROI act

You think the best marketer of the year is Tom Peters? Guy Kawasaki? Seth Godin? Sorry guys.

It’s Gary Vaynerchuk. He owns a sizeable wine store in New Jersey. Sells $50 million a year. And he reads all other marketers the riot act.

Er, the ROI act.

Why do I say he’s the best marketer? He’s taking his local brand, which is quite profitable, and turning it into a global brand. It’s impressive what he’s doing, but he’s also matching what I’m seeing happen in the media world. Advertising ad buyers are telling me they are looking at online and will be increasing their buys (after they get over being freaked out by the economic downturn).

I find it fascinating that my friends on FriendFeed are saying to buy Apple. I think buying Google makes more sense. Apple has exposure to a fearful market because we’re not going to buy new gadgets while we are in hoarding mode. Google will get hit down (already has been) and will have a couple of quarters of bad numbers, but will remain stronger than Apple through the storm.

Plus, long term, who is better positioned to take off after the economic downturn ends? I think Google is. Why? ROI baby. ROI. (You have to watch Gary’s video to get the ROI story).