Your healthcare privacy is dying and why you'll kill it

Two days ago I told my friends on friendfeed that I had a rare kidney disease and that I could no longer eat red meat or drink Diet Coke or Pepsi, among other dietary changes. Don’t worry, my dad has the same disease and he’s still doing fine, and the doctors have run a crapload of tests and found that I’m otherwise healthy.

But look what happened. 200+ comments.

That prompted me to write another friendfeed item saying that health privacy is dead. I gave a ton of reasons and lots of other people jumped in and either agreed or argued with me.

So, how about you? Why don’t you join in on these two threads, or leave a comment here, about why or why not you will share your medical condition with the public.

PracticeFusion brings Web 2.0 to doctor's offices

Ryan Howard, CEO of, showed me how they are transforming doctors offices with its Web service. Half a million doctors are on board already. Saves money and is free for doctors, while competitive systems are tens of thousands of dollars. Interesting look inside his business and how he’ll make money. Interesting for the rest of us to see where our medical records might be stored in the future.

[viddler id=512e443a&w=437&h=370]

CEO of Healthline talks economy, politics, and privacy

A couple of weeks ago I wrote that one of the ways to build a recession-resistant company is to be in the healthcare market since people will still need their healthcare. Yesterday I ran into the CEO of Healthline, West Shell, and had a 15-minute conversation with him. This is a dramatically big web company. Crunchbase says it has 4.2 million unique visitors a month. So, getting his point of view on anything is interesting, but hearing his view on the economy at this time is even more interesting (he is seeing an effect even on his company, so my advice that healthcare will be recession resistant might not have been that good, although he says they are setup very well to thrive long term).

By the way, this is a video I did on Maryam’s new Flip camera. Nice quality for a low-price camcorder.

He also tells me about the recent Health 2.0 conference, the efforts of Google and Microsoft in the healthcare market, privacy of your health records, among other things, including what he thinks Barack Obama will be able to get done in healthcare if he’s elected President.

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