Steve Jobs sleeps like baby after Nokia World

So, my wrap up after Nokia World here in Barcelona, Spain?

Steve Jobs doesn’t have anything to worry about.

Apple still has the best mobile OS out there with the best developer support.

Nokia customers should, however, thank Steve Jobs because their OS is seeing pretty dramatic improvements thanks to the pressure from Apple and Google’s Android OS.

It’s interesting. Yesterday I went to the Barcelona Zoo. Lots of fun, but I was keeping track of what the kids were using. I did not see a single iPhone. Nokia owns the Spanish marketplace. Nokia’s challenge was to get close enough to the iPhone to keep from losing those kids. I think they’ve done it and not because of the N97, either. Their cheaper 5800 phone has a far better music service for kids than the iPhone has. Why? It includes a subscription. You pay flat rate price and your kids get all the music they want.

But, why is Steve Jobs sleeping like a baby? Because Nokia’s N97, which does push the market ahead on several fronts, is six months away and Nokia still hasn’t shown off a good set of developer features.

It’s so strange for me to say that Apple is way ahead in developer support. That will really be the mobile story of 2009 going into 2010. The device with the coolest apps will win. So far that looks like iPhone, big time. If Nokia changes that in any way, it will be the story of 2009.

Anyway, Nokia did show off some really great stuff. Here’s a few videos of my favorites:

1. Messaging. Joins email and chat and Lotus support. The chat supports XMPP so FriendFeed’s new live feed can be shoved in here. That’s cool. Here’s a demo during yesterday’s keynote of Messaging.
2. Maps. Nokia’s maps are ahead of Google’s in some ways. See a demo of why.
3. R&D, Point and Find. We all know that eventually you’ll be able to point your camera at things on the street and get data back. Here’s Nokia’s answer to how you’ll do that, named Point and Find. Still very early, but inspiring demo.

Bonus video from Nokia World? I filmed the designer, Eguchi Shunjiro, of the N97 during a press conference. He told us all about how they designed the N97 and the thought that went into various details like the hinge.

Anyway, all said and done I want one of those Nokia N97’s just for the 16:9 video capabilities, especially now that YouTube has turned on 16:9 widescreen videos, this is going to be a killer device for recording my life.

Even if that doesn’t keep Steve Jobs awake at night it’s damn cool.

Next up, London for family time and meeting some cool entrepreneurs.