Current TV ushers in a new kind of newsroom: Tweet Filtering

Current TV's Twitter newsroom

US President Barack Obama saw a new kind of newsroom evolve during his inauguration here in Current TV’s San Francisco studios: a Twitter filtering one. The results were seen on Current TV’s video streams (they will repost portions of the inauguration speech soon).

See they push video out to cable systems all over the world and they wanted to do something different with Twitter: they wanted to include Tweets from around the world live on Obama’s video images. So, they setup this newsroom with 15 editors who sift through thousands of tweets every few minutes. They push Tweets from the back of the room to the front through an editing process, then one person pushes them up live to the screen. Here is video of Mario Anima, director of online community at Current TV, explaining the newsroom and giving us a tour.

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Sign of the times: political TechMeme headline

The headline screams “no one in tech can defend McCain.” So, who wants to take up the other side? Anyone?

I found two. John Dvorak bet me $100 that McCain would win. My producer, Rocky Barbanica, who was a software engineer for decades before switching careers, bet me another $100 that McCain would win.

Over on Twitter and FriendFeed most of the participants there, including me, are for Obama, but there are a few who are staunchly for McCain.

This is your last chance to talk politics for a while! Whew, glad to hit Wednesday and be done with all of this.