Personal Dashboard perfect mobile app for tough economy

Have you checked out PageOnce on your iPhone yet? In just three months they are one of the top 10 productivity apps and 200,000+ have downloaded it. Here’s Guy Goldstein, CEO, telling me about the company and giving me a demo on last Friday’s WorkFastTV show.

One thing I learned is that this week they are shipping a version of this popular app on Blackberry mobile phones too.

What makes it a great productivity app? It lets you see all sorts of personal information. Your bank balances. Your stock plans. Your credit card accounts. Your Netflix account. Your favorite airlines. And a lot more. All in one screen and it warns you when you have bills due. Great stuff for keeping up to date on your finances.

Pageonce: economic downturn winner?

Pageonce‘s CEO Guy Goldstein was on my WorkFastTV show this morning (the recording will be up on Monday, but I did a separate video with him afterward on so you can get a sense of what his app does) and while we were talking he was reporting that he’s seeing a ton of usage BECAUSE of the downturn.

What does his app do? It’s an iPhone app (next week they are shipping on Blackberry too) that lets you watch all sorts of personal information. I call it a personal information dashboard.

Stocks. Bank accounts. Travel info. Restaurant info. And more.

You can see when your bills are due, what your account balances are, and more. All from your iPhone (it’s one of the top 10 productivity iPhone applications).

This is a three-month-old startup that shipped on the iPhone and already has 200,000+ users.

Seems to me this app, along with others from Mint and Billpay could be major winners as we pay closer attention to our finances.

What are other examples of apps that you are seeing winning in this economy?