Thanks Sheryl for a fun interview

I’ve been getting compliments on this podcast interview all week. Turns out Sheryl is a great interviewer and I had just been to the dentist (I was sitting in my car in front of my dentist’s office when she called). Anyway, thanks Sheryl for a fun interview. In it I tell you where Facebook or Twitter or friendfeed is going to make a ton of money.

We start off by talking about privacy and security of our families when we’re so public. Then we talk about whether I have a thick enough skin and from there the conversation turns better and more toward the future of social networking.

Leo Laporte: The King of Tech Talk

Ever wonder about the business of being on the radio or on TV? Leo Laporte is one guy who has done it all. On the way to this interview we were listening to him in the car on KGO Radio. He was one of the key people who started ZDTV/TechTV, which now is mostly gone. People who work with him have become household names. He is the king of tech talk and in this interview Leo tells us all about what the bleeding edge of creating media is like today. We talk a bunch about how media is changing now that everyone can create media and there no longer are gatekeepers you need to talk into distributing your videos or audio shows.

Part I. 18 minutes.
Part II. 17 minutes.