A taxi business in Shanghai, China?

One of the best VCs in the world is Gary Rieschel. He started Softbank and now is EMD at Qiming Venture Partners. When I visited him in China, he took me into a taxi where he showed me one of the businesses he was investing in. Cool conversation about China enterpreneurship too.

As to China, I’m still processing our trip. It was mind bending. Lots of photos are up on my Flickr feed. But what would you like to know that I learned there?

Not blogging from China. Heheh.

Well, at most of the places I’ve been the past few days my blog (and all blogs on the wordpress.com domain) is blocked so I haven’t been able to post, or even read my blog.

But I’ve been posting a ton over on Twitter and on FriendFeed. Both of those sites are totally available in China and are fast. Many other blogs are blocked here in China too. Huffington Post, for instance, isn’t available.

The censorship here is somewhat easy to get around, if you have a proxy server available outside of China.

Anyway, I’m on using one of those servers right now, so am going to do a quick post.

Embedded here is a video of Gary Rieschel of qimingventures.com, the cofounder of Softbank Capital, who shows me a new company he invested in that makes interactive screens in taxis.

More to come when we can sneak through the great firewall of China but in the meantime you should watch my FriendFeed account for more photos, accounts, and videos.

We had a great time in Shanghai, but now are in Shenzhen where I am interviewing “Mr. China” (that’s what an article in the Atlantic called him) Liam Casey (he’s one of the top supply chain managers in the world).

More later.

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