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HD war breaks out as Facebook, YouTube deliver new features

Tonight an HD war online broke out. YouTube appears to have turned on HD video. Now Facebook jumps into the fray with true 720p HD 16:9 widescreen video. This is HUGE for those of us who have HD camcorders.

But also Vimeo and SmugMug have turned on HD video before.

Why is this important? Well, a bunch of people just received their Canon 5D Mark II cameras that do HD video. So does the Nikon D90. Look at the video that SmugMug CEO Don MacAskill did with his. That shows off SmugMug’s HD goodness.

Or look at Joi Ito’s videos from his 5D which use Vimeo’s video system.

Of course, we have exclusive video from Facebook which explains these features. Here’s a video with Chris Putnam, who runs the Facebook video team.

TechCrunch also covers the new Facebook features.

We’re trying to upload a 720p video to all of these services to see which ones have the best quality and features. Which one are you going to use if you have an HD camcorder? We should have a test video up soon.

UPDATE: this news has already started a long conversation on FriendFeed.

UPDATE 2: Chris Putnam, who was featured in my video, has posted a blog post about these changes and TechMeme has more posts about Facebook’s new video.

Close look at Vholdr, sports video camera

Vholdr is a sports video camera designed for sky diving, skateboarding, surfing, swimming, including on RC helicopters, etc. If you are into sports, you should check out this very cool camera, here’s a short video I filmed on Friday with the founder of the company, Marc Barros, who showed me how it all works. If you visit Vholdr’s site you’ll see a ton of video made by their users with these cameras.

Live video from VentureBeat recession impact on startup event

[kyte.tv appKey=MarbachViewerEmbedded&uri=channels/6118/258389&embedId=49344550&premium=true&height=500&width=425]

We’re broadcasting live video on Kyte.tv from the second session of VentureBeat’s roundtable on the economic impacts on startups of the recession right now. We’ll try to have the recording up, but during the first session we had a problem that deleted the stream that we’re trying to figure out right now.

On stage in second session:

Max Levchin, the Slide founder and PayPal co-founder who helped lead that company through the first IPO after the last bubble popped;

Jason Calacanis, the Sequoia-backed founder of Mahalo and writer of a controversial letter predicting doomsday for the vast majority of Web 2.0 start-ups. Shortly afterward, Sequoia stirred the valley by holding a mandatory meeting for the CEOs of its portfolio companies.

AllThingDigital’s Kara Swisher.

Toni Schneider, CEO of Automattic.

Nirov Tolia, ePinions founder.

Qik supports Blackberry for live video

Funny, I couldn’t Qik this video. Why? It was embargoed until tonight. So, I used a Flip camera instead of my Nokia phone.

But Qik is moving fast to support the most handsets out there.

For the people who don’t know what Qik does it lets you broadcast live video from your cell phone.

Anyway, a whole team of Russians made this because it’s hard to get video access on a Blackberry. In the video you meet the team behind Qik.

Want to read up on the moves instead of watch a video? Here are some others who’ve written about this news:


And, of course, you can talk more about Qik on FriendFeed.

[viddler id=1cf49233&w=437&h=370]

The glass half full business conference

Are you depressed about the market? Well, just think of all that we have that costs nothing!

Here, Mitch Joel put together a whole conference for you. Costs nothing. Just grab a glass of wine and watch.

It reminded me of how much I love TED Talks. Watch the video of famous conductor Benjamin Zander, it’ll get your mood lifted.

After that, why don’t you visit the Library of Congress to see how they are saving our old photos and putting them onto Flickr for you to peruse. Don’t think social media matters to something as stodgy as the Library of Congress? Think again!

Our stocks might be worthless, but at least we have good free stuff to watch on the Internet.

That’s the “cup is half full” approach to life.

Making better Facebook video 606 pixels at a time

Yesterday I did a couple of interviews at Facebook’s headquarters that’ll be up over the next couple of weeks. But in between I stopped at Chris Putnam’s desk. I’ve known him since he was 16, living in Atlanta (he showed me a web service he built so that people on the Internet could listen to him practice his piano). Anyway, he’s the guy who built Facebook’s video system. Interesting that he has three monitors on his desk. One of which shows how many videos are sitting in a queue waiting to be encoded.

That got me to ask him what’s some things that would help his encoder out and also give you the best possible quality on Facebook for video.

He said that making your videos 606 pixels across would keep his encoder from having to scale down your video size. I did a Google search on 606 pixels and haven’t found anyone else that’s shared that data.

Which shows one of the reasons I blog: to get things into Google so I can pull them out later.

Ahh, the interesting things you learn by asking questions of the geeks who build the technologies we all use. Thanks Chris and Facebook for a most interesting day yesterday.