Personal Dashboard perfect mobile app for tough economy

Have you checked out PageOnce on your iPhone yet? In just three months they are one of the top 10 productivity apps and 200,000+ have downloaded it. Here’s Guy Goldstein, CEO, telling me about the company and giving me a demo on last Friday’s WorkFastTV show.

One thing I learned is that this week they are shipping a version of this popular app on Blackberry mobile phones too.

What makes it a great productivity app? It lets you see all sorts of personal information. Your bank balances. Your stock plans. Your credit card accounts. Your Netflix account. Your favorite airlines. And a lot more. All in one screen and it warns you when you have bills due. Great stuff for keeping up to date on your finances.

The community wins

One neat thing about being on FriendFeed is that the community gives you a TON of feedback. I’ve found that the community there is really constructive, even when giving pretty harsh feedback. Anyway, tomorrow on WorkFastTV we’re making a ton of changes. It’ll be interesting to watch FriendFeed tomorrow to see what people think of the show, especially since the changes that got done came from there.

Anyway, tomorrow we’ll have Matt Rissell, CEO of TSheets, a Boise-based provider of online timeclocks used by employees and consultants. Here’s his blog. All that is pretty cool, but what I found interesting is that he went on a mission to determine what made the most productive people successful and interviewed tons of CEOs. His surprise: Tools didn’t much matter. His discovery: There are 10 rules that the 75 successful people he surveyed all followed. We’ll talk about those tomorrow.

I bet that one of them is “listens well to feedback.” See you at FastCompanyTV at 10 a.m. Pacific Time tomorrow. We won’t have a chat room during the show (that’s one of the many changes that we’re making) but will be interactive after the show. We’re doing that so we can give our guest our full attention during the show and this way we’ll be interactive, but at the appropriate time.

Let us know what you think.

Scoble in a suit?

You haven’t seen this before. I’m in a suit for our first show which featured Mark Bernstein, head of the Palo Alto Research Labs (where Microsoft Word and much of what became the original Macintosh was invented). We filmed this live last week. This is the show that’s done by Revision 3 under contract with (we use their studios and their employees do everything).

UPDATE: Revision 3 does the camera work, runs the studio, etc. Shel Israel plans the content and FastCompany does the sales for the show and the management.

If you watched this, what did you think?

We’ll do it again live on Friday at 10 a.m. Pacific Time. This week?

Ishmael Ghalimi. Who is he? Well, he runs the Office 2.0 conference and keeps the definitive list of Office 2.0 apps on the Web. Come and join us, we’ll get interactive, too, and take your questions (if you have any for Ishmael, leave them here).