The kinds of innovation Google Glass will bring

CrowdOptic‘s developers are one of a handful of folks who are pushing new kinds of location features thanks to the new sensor platform that is known as Google Glass. Glass is the first consumer product that can share where you are looking. CrowdOptic does something similar by just using the cameras. Add the two together and I think we’ll see some wild new things that will only be possible with Glass. This video gives us a little taste.

Are you building anything? At Techcrunch Disrupt in San Francisco, coming up September 7, Rackspace and I going to have a Glass App developer’s contest. More on that after all the lawyers sign off on it. I’m off to Australia to meet with startups next week in Sydney. Hope to see you there!

Author: Robert Scoble

Scoble gives you a front-row seat on the future. Especially on platforms that use the fourth user interface, spatial computing, like virtual reality or mixed reality that will come soon thanks to his own front-row seat as entrepreneur in residence at and his past experience as futurist at Rackspace. Best place to find Scoble? On his Facebook page at


  1. I think the world is about to get shock.
    First Google Glass and then 3D printing.
    Both inventions that will revolutianize the way we look at things.
    Its good Google Glass can be used for safety and reporting events.
    If for example police or security is using to much power – Google Glass will discourage them from doing so.

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