The Retrevo Gang from CES

Gadget freaks work at Retrevo so we talk about the gadgets they saw yesterday at CES. It starts out a little slow, but we eventually see a bunch of cool things. On Retrevo you can vote for whether CES or Macworld is “hotter or not.”

We cover a lot of things here. Hope you enjoy this. Retrevo has a bunch of employees here looking for new gadgets and other things. We’ll do more Retrevo Gangs this week so you get a good look at what CES is all about.

You’ll also see one of the worst things I’ve ever seen a manufacturer do (LG had a 100 inch screen and the display was really two 50-inch screens put together).

We filmed this in the Seagate booth. Come by and see us at 4 p.m. tomorrow film another Retrevo Gang (Seagate is in the South Hall on the second floor).

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