Time to switch to WordPress

My comments over on my UserLand blog are down again. OK, it’s time to switch over to WordPress. I won’t do it if I don’t force myself over there. Life has just been so busy lately. Every extra minute I’ve been trying to answer email. I have 244 emails waiting to be answered. I’m sorry.

Oh, and James Torio, thanks for saying nice things about me in your Master’s thesis (as seen on Doc Searls’ weblog).

See ya over on http://www.scobleizer.com. We’ll clean up the house as we go along. I’m also going to open a TypePad blog, and also post over in my DABU blog (which is at http://www.robertscoble.com ) so that you can see how the blog tools compare (and so I can see that too).

One thing I’m interested in is which tool is most powerful? Which one is easiest to use? Which one gives best stats? Which one provides the best OPML and RSS options? Which one has best ping-server support? Which one has the most responsive company behind it? Which one is the easiest to customize?

What else is important in a blog tool? Well, let’s move over to WordPress and talk about it.