Twitter @Anywhere now implemented on @scobleizer

Check this out, hover over @davewiner and see his Twitter hover card on my blog. All implemented by the Wibiya toolbar (the thing at the bottom of my blog). Just turned on seconds ago, more features coming soon. This is a new feature that was recently added by Twitter and now by the Wibiya toolbar. I got the feature for free without adding anything additional. I love that when that happens.

That said, the Twitter @anywhere feature doesn’t really do that much. It shows Dave Winer’s picture and gives me the option to follow him. The thing is, I’m logged into Twitter and I’m already following him. I sure wish Twitter would actually DO something with this feature other than just put a lame card up.

It is nice, though, that I didn’t have to link anything to get these new @anywhere addresses to work.

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  1. FYI, once you logged via Twitter to comment the hover on @usernames is deactivated… strange can't see the logic in that. Also think the toolbar would be better on top better visibility and engagement…
    Also, wanted to share this comment on Twitter (bottom left of comment box) but this forces me to sign up for disqus: not necessarily an extra step I want to take, I'm already logged in through Twitter

    2 cents

  2. The battle for identity continues. Of course it benefits Twitter to have @names link back to their site on external sites. It does save you a step when you want to link to a twitter account. I prefer linking to a user's blog, Tumblr, Posterous, etc.

  3. It takes a little while for the @davewiner link to highlight. Probably a fair trade off WRT ease of implementation via the Wibiya toolbar and performance. You've got facebook likes and @anywhere functionality.. nice to know they are keeping on top of things. Frankly it's a pain in the ass to keep up with the latest and greatest from everyone.. it's almost a full time job!!

  4. @scobleizer get rid of that toolbar, makes your blog load so slow…, just @anywhere hover card can be added with few lines of javascript.

  5. It took at least 20 seconds for the name to highlight. I didn't even see it until I scrolled down to read the other comments about it not showing up. Then, once I hovered it took about 8 seconds to load the card. *sheesh* New features are fun and I'm sure it will get even better. Cool!

  6. Yeah took about 20 seconds for me too. Robert your blog is getting as bloated as Mashable with all these external dependencies, toolbars, widgets!

    At least I can read your blog via your RSS feed.

  7. Curious about the Wibiya toolbar are you afraid it might frustrate any visitors utilizing a small screens or low resolution?

    I would think the utility of it is great but I'd want the like & share buttons to be more visible.

  8. … not impressed. I don't much like the hover-cards on Twitter, let alone content-based popups. A link to his Twitter page would be sufficient. Whatever though – YAY! OMG! TWITTER! FEATURE!! etc. *blah*

  9. I find that toolbar annoying as well, no twitter card pop up here either, got bored waiting after 5 seconds. Annoying that I have to scroll sideways on the site design as well on my work screen resolution. I suppose annoying your readers makes the RSS more useful though!

    Content is king, a lot of the rest of this is annoying, the scoble's lists in the side bar is pretty nice, though it seems a bit temperamental. I enjoy reading most your posts, but your site is getting more and more annoying to use and slower to load.

  10. Doesn't work on your main page, only at the post level. And I'm still waiting for the lists to load 15 minutes after arriving at the page. But the toolbar and cards, once I got to them, are interesting.

  11. Nice and neat, I also have the @anywhere on my blogger blog – which was kind of hard and not straight forward to implement without the Wibiya toolbar. 10x for updating and reminding me to check on the Wibiya development, off to new testings now 🙂

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