Twitter's favorites added to my blog

If you visit my blog and look at the right side you’ll see a new widget: my favorite Tweets from Twitter. I am now watching more than 10,000 accounts and I click “favorite” on the best ones, which instantly puts them here. In the past two months I’ve favorited more than 7,000 tweets: all by hand and all by myself.

Hope you enjoy these. Unfortunately the widget only shows a few of my latest favorites while I usually favorite close to 100 tweets per day. So, to get the full set of favorites you should just visit my Twitter favorite page.

24 Replies to “Twitter's favorites added to my blog”

  1. Sorry to be so blunt, but how exactly does that help me? That's still way too much for a “normal” person to read (since the tweets nowadays are just headlines with a link). Way too much noise. The first tweet in your list is currently “Good morning! Traffic to Gawker Media's nine blogs is a hair above the LA Times, with the NY Times in sight“. Who cares?

  2. So are you going to be favoriting every tweet about site traffic? You favorite too much. Seems like you spend your whole day doing nothing else. It's fine if that's your job. But think about those who just read when waiting for the compiler, or when there's a short break, or before/after work. Seems like we don't agree on the definition of “lots of people”.

    My definition of “lots of people” don't care about the number of swine flu-related apps in the app store.

  3. OK, you don't get any value out of it. You might like Techmeme better. I work hard to find things that will be interesting to geeks. Not everyone is interested in the same things as you. And if you think I favorite too much, well, then, you should see my inbound! You're really getting the cream of the crop here.

    1. You call that “work”? You’re nothing but a clickmonkey with severe ADD. You’re dumping tons of links with no context onto your site. Do you even click through to all these articles? Or do you just hit the “favorite” button out of reflex once a tweet contains a keyword. Thinking about it, maybe you’re not a clickmonkey but a Pavlov dog…

  4. Looking very very clean and simple now Robert, I like it. Makes me want to come back to WordPress from Posterous…still not quite sure yet though…

  5. One of the best instances of the faves widget yet 🙂 awesome.
    as far as the limit of posts, i'll have to see if we can up that limit.

    also, another thing to keep in mind – if you're ever at a live event, faving like crazy, you could broadcast your faves fullscreen: (the fullscreen option is not available on twitter's site, but it's still built-in to the same widget)

  6. How is it that a guy named Rich Hickey is on your list of “Most Influential in Tech” Twitter list? He's tweeted 10 times and follows 1 person… I guess what I'm asking is what makes him so influential?

  7. Hi Robert and all, I am surprised nobody has asked about the fate of your FriendFeed widget that this replaces? Is this a sign of your departure from FriendFeed?

  8. Hi Robert and all, I am surprised nobody has asked about the fate of your FriendFeed widget that this replaces? Is this a sign of your departure from FriendFeed?

  9. Yeah, I've found over the past two months that I've been spending more and more time on Twitter and that as I have I kept finding tons of influential geeks and brands that are only participating on Twitter. So, this widget is much better quality of content than what was possible over on FriendFeed.

  10. Actually I think you have a lot of good information. I'am not a avid on all time geek, but as a self taught computer guy I like to keep up with new technology.
    keep the info flowing.

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