What is Twitter for? Pimping your blog!

At the Blog World Expo a few weeks ago someone asked what Twitter is for and I answered “pimping your blog.”

Hey, it works for TechCrunch and Mashable, why not you?

Or me.

So, I’ve finally figured out that I was clueless because I didn’t have a Twitter account for my blog. When people say they are unfollowing me because I’m too noisy these feeds are the antidote.

scobleblog is for following ONLY my blog. I won’t put anything else on that feed.
scoblemedia is for following ONLY when either I post video or am on someone else’s video or audio shows.
building43 is only for items that are posted on building43.

My regular Twitter account, scobleizer, is all that and more.

For instance, if you followed scoblemedia you would have seen the Gillmor Gang video that was just posted to Techcrunch where I argue with Mike Arrington about the differences between the iPhone and Motorola Droid.

As to what my blog is for? Pimping my Tweets! πŸ™‚ Hope you’re having a great weekend!

By the way, how did I do my scobleblog Twitter feed? I’m pulling RSS into Twitter using TwitterFeed. It isn’t exactly fast (takes several minutes for items to show up often) which is why you’ll see my blog posts first on my main Twitter feed (I manually pimp my blog on that instead of waiting for the slower feed reader to work).

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  1. This was my thought too when I read this post. It's not Twitter, it's RSS that's doing the pimping, Twitter is just the RSS Reader in this scenerio.

    But Robert points out something here that I can't stand in a Social App, you shouldn't need to have separate accounts in Twitter (or any other service). A social account should be able to fill multiple needs for both the author and the audience, Friendfeed almost got this right and Facebook is trying/struggling to do this. But Twitter, once again, is a Fail Whale when it comes to features so the consumer needs to compensate to it's poor design.

    I may hit Twitter hard but that's because I don't see it's simplicity as a strength (as opposed to it being a strength for the iPhone).

  2. Jesse Stay has added one additional wrinkle to the “multiple Twitter accounts” concept – one of his accounts is a private account, intended for people who want to have more detailed conversations with Jesse. The idea might not work well for everybody, but it works very well for Jesse.

  3. I've even segregated that further – my more personal updates go to my Facebook profile (ie what I had for lunch, someone's sick, score of the football game, etc.), my professional discussions all go to my Facebook Fan Page. My more professional status updates to initiate conversation go to my @Jesse Twitter profile. The really good links I find go to @jesseslinks. Then, any more personal Tweets, @mentions I need to do, whenever I become the mayor of some place on FourSquare, etc., those go to my private @JesseStay account. I use @socialtoo for managing SocialToo on Twitter. I also have one called @ohmykids that I place the funniest quotes I hear from my kids on Twitter. Then I go to FriendFeed for everything I'm missing everywhere else. How's that for segregation? πŸ™‚

    In all, if you want to get the best stuff from me and you need one place to follow, @Jesse's probably the best place on Twitter, and /stay is probably the best place on Facebook, and of course JesseStay on FriendFeed. πŸ™‚ I consider those my “identities” on each of the networks.

  4. Guess who's following your blog on twitter now πŸ˜‰

    My follow stream is super small, and I like to see variety in it. I unfollow (and usually ad to a list) anyone who over tweets and saturates my stream.

  5. I've been using Twitter Tools by Crowd Favorite on my blogs as I like being able to control which posts get tweeted.

    I'd like give TwitterFeed and another twitter account a try for automation's sake. However, I am no Robert Scoble and don't know about building followers that way.

  6. Creative description of what Twitter is lol. Crossing into the “pimping” field is what we do :). On a side note I went to BlogWorld 08 and Twitter was pretty aggressively talked about, was it an even bigger topic this year?

  7. This topic is why I've been experimenting with P2 Theme from Automattic over on http://tr.im/packets I'm more or less experimenting with ways to hack together a Personal Interaction Console for the Global Cognition Grid; an individually managed site that is a hybrid of say, Ping.FM and Backtype (not the most accurate analogy, but close) with the goal of providing me with increasingly efficient symmetric web-wide conversational awareness. My current hack job on Sweetcron on http://tr.im/lifestream is also like a personal “full firehose.” Although I haven't yet sliced up into twitter feeds the way you have, I've had the exact same idea on the back burner for awhile. Don't know if I'll do it the same way, but hope to keep stumbling upon moderately inspirational permutations from time to time.

    P.S. Could disqus become the “untethered” FF we've been looking for? Seems to keep gettin' closer in many ways!

  8. Our Redanyway wordpress plugin allows instant publishing to twitter as soon as you hit publish and even in default case i.e. w/o wordpress plugin it works as good as twitterfeed.

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  9. Our Redanyway wordpress plugin allows instant publishing to twitter as soon as you hit publish and even in default case i.e. w/o wordpress plugin it works as good as twitterfeed.

    Let me if you need any help setting up the plugin.

    Kuldeep Kapade,
    co-founder, Redanyway

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