Naked Conversations 2.0: How Google is disrupting the social media starfish

When Shel Israel co-authored Naked Conversations with me we interviewed about 180 companies about how they were using blogs and how that usage was changing their business. Today I’m watching companies and political candidates and seeing a new trend that I’ve written up as the “Social Media Starfish.” I just did two videos, one that […]

"Scoble can't be more wrong"

There’s a TON of reaction to my videos yesterday, but here’s the reactions that stood out in my searches this afternoon. SEOmoz (in a post where he ripped almost every opinion I had to shreds): “I used to respect Robert Scoble’s opinions.” Ethan Stock, CEO of ZVents, points out how fast Google found my post. […]

Yelp events compared to Upcoming; Incoming "bacn"

Heh, instead of going to events today I stayed home and am playing with event sites. It must have been because of my visit to yesterday (that’s my photo of co-founder Gordon Luk). Anyway, Webware today writes about Yelp’s new events functionality, which focused my attention even more on the event sites. I’ve […]