Ye olde Android vs. iPhone debate (my experiences without an iPhone for six days so far)

If you’ve been following me on Google Buzz or on Twitter you can skip this, but it’s useful to wrap up some of the conversations we’ve been having online. Last night I got together with my friends Luke Kilpatrick and John Poore. Between the three of us we have nearly every cool smartphone known to mankind. Palm. Apple. HTC. All that.

Anyway, we met just to see if there were any more pros or cons we could add to the list between Android and iPhone that I started a few days ago on Google Buzz. This is the most complete back and forth I’ve seen so far on the topic.

Living without the iPhone has been a lot easier than I expect, here I show you the devices I’m using and talk about what the advantages are to both iPhone and Android (the video plays here, while on my computer the embed doesn’t play well).

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  1. The Android phones are great, but no one is talking about how you can sync your iTunes library with an Android phone. I’ve got tons of music that I need.

  2. switching from an iPhone to an Android is not really giving up anything- go back to having a phone that only makes calls and SMS, or to no mobile at all and then let's see you live through 6 days.

  3. Using the Advanced Task Killer as you suggest is not required on Android. Android is smart (like iPhone OS4) and only keeps what should be running running. People think that programs like ATK worsen battery life.

  4. Right now it’s a handful of Android devices vs. the iPhone. Once there are 50 Android phones in the market, it’s going to be Android vs. Android. Those phone manufacturers are not going to let Google dictate the experience, they will add layers and UIs – and the Android market will look very different.

    Currently, when you buy an Android phone. The Android brand is more important than the brand of the phone. The phone manufacturers can’t do much at this point, but they won’t allow their brands to become a commodity and be secondary to the OS brand.

  5. Spot on Jason. The iPhone and the OS are 12 months old. That is an eternity in IT.

    In a few days time all this crap comparisons will be reversed. We'll all be talking about how the iPhone 4 and Mobile OS X 4 leaves the competition in its wake (Flash aside).

    This is a game of leapfrog and always will be. Saying one phone is better than the other is silly as it's so temporary.

    Buy a phone and commit to it. If you just keep buying every new phone coz it's the new best you'll just end up broke and creating landfill.

  6. My biggest problem with my android has been the loss of phone service at times. This is due to the apps, the cure was to remove some of the apps. I'd consider this to be a major flaw. Never had this happen on my old iPhone.

    HTC Hero (android ver 1.5) iPhone (version 1)

  7. The Droid is my first smartphone, and so I can’t compare it to the iPhone. But as a relative gadget newb, I love it. I use it for work, for email, I read my Google Reader feeds, I’ve got at least 50 books (free) uploaded onto it, I’ve used it to interact more on Twitter than I’ve ever done before, I turn Pandora on when I’m exercising, the GPS on it is fantastic and keeps me from getting lost, my kids listen to audio books, the pedometer app tracks my walks, I cook with it (recipe apps), and on and on. It’s got an amazing battery life, tons of memory, and it’s super fast. Plus, I’ve dropped it like 10 times and it hasn’t broken – score!

  8. Android 2.2 streams all your music from your home pc. You don't need to sync because you have all of your content all of the time. Also there are plenty of programs that sync android with Itunes, most are free. Lastly ITunes sucks. Try Media Monkey

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